It’s escalating.


Fack. Had seen that the Spanish crews were striking, hadn’t noticed that the French ones were doing so as well. :grimacing:


Would you have to check an umbrella in or can you stick it in your hand luggage ?

Would you not just buy one in the local pennys when you get in?

Have you tried sticking it up your hole?


Open it up and carry it on


Oh I love it when this thread gets bumped…

Technically if you can’t fold it up and put it in your carry on bag it can be taken from you by the airport security staff or by Ryanair at the boarding gate. You might just be unlucky.

However, you can bring a walking stick onboard. Nobody can stop you bringing that once it’s regulation size. Walking poles have been a problem in the past and there has been situations in Europe where one or both have been confiscated.

At the time of 9/11 it was advised in the US that passengers requiring walking sticks should bring a letter confirming its necessity signed by a doctor. Not sure if this is still the case.

How about one of these?

With a letter…

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Is it poison tipped ?

I had great fun there over the last few days with Ryanair.

We had a partially used voucher and we were trying to use the remainder to book a flight. But it kept coming up with invalid voucher code.

Turns out after days and days of numerous emails, that the voucher will only work if issued in the name of the lead passenger in the group booking the flight. Any other name and it won’t work. I suppose you’d say, that’s fair enough, but you’d imagine it should work for anybody in the group booking. Or simplistically just work for anybody. But do you think Ryanair will tell you this or pop up an appropriate error message. No way…

It’s Ryanair - I don’t know how you expected any different

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Needs to be in same currency also I think

you’re opening yourself up to a world of shit bringing back up Ryanair and your issues booking flights!

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They are cunts. I had a voucher that expired over covid. Got it the October before and obviously couldn’t use it and they told me go fuck myself. But sure what can you do. About 4 weeks outside the new law that it can’t expire

I think it’s five years they have to last now.
But how does that apply to internation vouchers, like for hotels that have branches in Ireland?

I’m don’t care. I think it’s more important to make people aware of the tricks these so called great companies use to con people.

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