Ryder Cup 2026

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To JP :pint:

JP is gonna make some cash out of that golf course for the next few years. What will green fees go to now?

a great boost for Limerick and the country

Are we gonna need that motorway now lads?

I have little or no respect for Jp McManus and he tainted our all Ireland victory with how he tried to latch on to it. Making the team take the official photo in the manor and dragging them down to his house repeatedly for dinners. now he’s ruining the golf for me. Real pity this guy can’t just pay his taxes.


JP won Limerick the All Ireland.


He didn’t the players did.

Without JP and Big Joe Limerick would still be nowhere.

Munster rugby will get their motorway and Adare will get it’s bypass.

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As part of the arrangement, the Government will be expected to fund the long-awaited bypass around the tourist village of Adare.

A planning application is likely to be submitted to An Bord Pleanála later this year.

Adare bypass a cert now but last id heard they were still arguing over route. Would need to start in next year or two. Tight enough timeframe

Jesus this is the greatest moment in Irish history.

He financed everything for years. Without his money, they would have nothing.

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He is a great man

Things went well for Ireland Inc in the years after Ryder Cup 2007.


A rising tide lifts all boats

Id say if anything this will put Cork Limerick on the long (er) finger again. Wont be strategically vital for ryder cup. Shannon and Dublin airports key

Imagine the head fella in aig bringing the dubs footballers to his house and getting them to take the offical team photo on his lawn. He should pay his taxes.

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It will be great to see proper roads being built in Limerick to Cork and Adare