Sad fucked up Ireland

Just received a sad call from a buddy who informed me that’ he’s burying his son tomorrow morning found on the streets of Cork city last week,Finbarr O Donovan , passage west,his dad of the same name is well known/ liked all around passage/ monkstown/ carrigaline ,Barley is his nickname,he’s absolutely distraught as are his siblings,etc,young man fucked up on heroin,is there no fucking end to it?this guy was loved but felt lonely and unloved,heard it on Red FM being discussed but never connected the story with his youngfella ,sad isn’t strong enough a word for what his da and ma are going through,Cork city is fucked up on H,what’s to be done? I witnessed a kid of 18/20 v good looking girl on Tuckey st last Fri afternoon just staring zombified , waiting to be hurt by some bollox,beyond held ,I don’t know.


Sad stuff there mate. I really don’t know what the solution is. Our country has become so pc it has drained away our courage as a society. Men fall back now in the face of the constant erosion of values of community.

I’m sorry for your friends loss pal, it makes us all sad to see this. People are afraid to do the right thing for fear as being slandered too radical. Men are hamstrung in every way.


Serious question. What was there instead of heroin in the 50s and 60s for lads who fell by the wayside? Drink? Boat to England and more drink?

Condolences to your buddy.

Drug addiction is the scourge of the country. Hard to know the solution possibly help the addicts and crush the suppliers . :frowning:

The law really needs to come downs a lot harder on these drug dealers.

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That’s terrible news to get. Heroin is a scourge and just robs people slowly of their lives. Helping these people is very difficult and so many people fall through the cracks with the lack of services. A terrible waste of Human life.

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“Services” are “PC nonsense” though apparently and we already know from posts in this thread that “PC” is the reason for people dying from heroin

Or something


Sorry to hear that mate.

It probably runs counter to what we’d all think naturally but the only solution to the drug crisis is to legalize, regulate and tax.
I would go as far as to legalize heroin, make it available in safe forms for free from injection centres to be taken on site. Put the addicts up in these centers, with the access to safe places to sleep, good food, clean needles, medical care and mental health services, addiction councillors etc.

We spend untold millions trying to tackle this problem and we are getting nowhere. It would actually save a fortune in terms of policing hours, ambulance call outs etc. Not to mention reduction in crime and improved communities.


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What policies did Aodhan O’Riordain introduce or try to introduce when he was minister with responsibility for drug policy? I’m pretty sure those working in the field said he was by far the most enlightened politician ever in this country in terms of drug policy

I can see right through you and cut to the bone anytime I like with you Syd. You’re nowhere near my level so I let you go. Carry on.

He was mad for legalisation of cannabis and decriminalisation of all drugs and safe needle exchanges. Took the view that addicts were patients and needed help rather than being rotated through courts/prisons etc.

Sorry to hear that boy
I’ll send u a pm later

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I’d agree with a lot of that. The “war on drugs” impoverishes society & enriches the gangsters.

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I’m very sorry for your friend’s loss. I can’t imagine what the family is going through. I agree that the “war on drugs” is a pointless crock of shite. Gangland deaths are basically a government conspiracy. Decriminalisation proved successful in Portugal. The public were ahead of our politicians on gay marriage and might be ahead of the politicians on this also.

When I was young there were no hard drugs in Monaghan whatsoever because obviously wannabe drug pins and entrepreneurs would come along but the RA would kick the shit of them. I never felt remotely scared of the IRA growing up and I never resented their influence on the town. I don’t think any decent person did. The Monaghan business community was mostly protestant and they were never interfered with, that wouldn’t have been tolerated. The punishment beatings shave now stopped and it’s now common to see people shooting up on the streets of Monaghan town. I used to look down on towns like Mullingar.


The border region is now lawless since the Provos went to ground. There weren’t too many local tears shed for Paul Quinn despite the media hysteria and political opportunism at the time.


Probably not near his area though.

I haven’t read into it too much but he seems to have advocated the Portuguese model

I’m sure the Swiss have had safe places for heroin addicts to inject with clean needles etc for decades

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What do you mean by that? Half hinting at something - come out and say it.

Paul Quinn was beaten by about 10 men who broke every bone in his body. If locals don’t shed a tear for that then they are truly fucked up individuals.