Scottish Football (SPFL, Scottish Cup, Bet Fred Cup, Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup)

Yer man atin’ a Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer during the draw yesterday. :laughing:


Hearts have announced the signing of Ireland legend Glenn Whelan.


Awaiting a Kyriakos type decision here at Tynecastle.

Celtic stay on top.

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How did Glenn Whelan play? I’d like to see Celtic go in for him next summer, or maybe the one after that depending on his contact situation.

He kicked numerous balls out of play and fell on his are hitting a free kick harmlessly into the rapist’s hands.

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OK chaps.

I’ll be reporting on the clash between 2nd and 4th at Ibrox.

Penny Arcade is a smashing tune.

McGinn destroyed Barisic there and delivers a great cross but Cosgrove can’t get on the end of it.

Great chance for the dons.

Clear foul on the Aberdeen player there by Arfield, the referee ignores it and Sevco nearly score. Corner Sevco.

Andrew Dallas is the mason in black today.

Ferguson header tipped over by the rapist.

McGinn skins Barisic again and Barisic drags him down and goes in the book.

McGinn is really getting the better of him early doors.

Ferguson hacks down Kent after a terrible pass from Logan. Sevco free 25 yards from goal.

What a chance for Cosgrove, in on goal, one on one and denied by McGregor.

Terrible touch from Cosgrove as he did his Harry Kane impression.

Great effort from Davis and he’s denied by a very good save from Lewis.

Zip zip.

Aberdeen had the best chance of the game, Sevco came into it a little more towards the end of the half but they failed to really create anything decent.

What do you make of Ferguson as a player? Hard to see past his fouling sometimes though.

He burst on the scene when he was 17 or 18 and scored a few crackers.

Just seems to be a bit of a hammer thrower to be honest.

Poor Tom is having a meltdown.