Scottish Independence:

Even your hero Gordon brown is in the no camp. I reckon the vote will split around 51/49 to the no’s but I wouldn’t bet on the result. Any scot I’ve spoken to thinks the idea of Independence is crackers. Anyway, a yes vote will create a permanent conservative majority in England once the jocks are kicked out of Westminster.

My pal??? No chance of a yes. Any Scot I’ve spoken to has been highly amused by Irish lads portraying Scots as dole scroungers while at same time bemoaning high rates of social welfare in Ireland. They all have little time for Irish lectures on how to run a society and frankly they are right.

Maybe. But at least the Irish haven’t laid down for centuries at the feet of their oppressors.

At least the Scottish want to change more than the flag that is flown.

So they are happy to be dictated to instead of having lectures.

Obviously Labour are in the no camp they’ll be a defunct party if they’re not getting seats from the scots. All my Scottish friends are pro independence by the way.

Thankfully I have no Scottish friends. Horrible, servile, penny pinching cunt bags the lot of em.

As opposed to your other friends?

Yeah but they’re Irish so it’s all good.

I know 1 lad born in Scotland but with an Irish passport,he is sound, the rest are a bunch of servile cunts as you so brilliantly put it

What ever became of that cunt @Mark Renton


He knew the score.

Since when is Scotland relative in a general election. General election are decided in England. Everywhere else is irrelevant.

They are not actually. Without the Scottish MPs, labour would never get a majority in the UK.

You’re a fairly dopey cunt aren’t you?

Brits out and a hand-over of power to the Tunnock Corporation.

Best option in my eyes.

They would have still got in in 1997 and 2001 without the Scots, but would have been in trouble in 2005, they have 41 of the 59 seats, the Tories only have 1, Liberals 11 and SNP 6, and there’s little volitality in terms of those numbers changing. Pre-Thatcher the Tories actually used to do reasonably well in Scotland but she did untold damage to them.

the No campaign and" the woman who made her mind up" , a masterpiece of misogyny :smiley:

polls are showing the sides are closing and it will be a tight run vote

That’s just simply untrue balbec. They’d have been knocking on the door of a majority in 05 after Iraq, fuel crisis etc so hardly impossible for them to get majority without Scottish. Very close to as many MP’s in Wales and Ireland (excluding SF seats) as Scotland so hardly huge constituency.
Won’t happen anyway. This vote has increased divide between south of England rest of UK though. UK will become more of a federal state for sure.

As can be seen from the attached article, Scotland influence on deciding general elections is very overplayed. For obvious reasons.

[QUOTE=“stones_off, post: 1010251, member: 1559”]

As can be seen from the attached article, Scotland influence on deciding general elections is very overplayed. For obvious reasons.[/QUOTE]
Agree entirely. Why let facts get in way of unfounded arguments sure.