Seachtain na Gaeilge

T clr nua iontach chun tosaigh ar TG4 an Dardaoin seo chugainn. Beidh Neel (an Hector nua dar leis fin) ag danamh staidir ar an timpeallacht agus card at romhainn sa todhcha.

In an effort to drum up some publicity for SnaG this year it seems like TG4 invested their entire budget in one tv show.

The third installment of Neelo (allegedly a relative of an occasional forum member) starts this Thursday 9:30.

Cur Sos

An Domhan dar le Neelo
An Aimsir: Breathnaonn Niall McDonagh, n Neelo, ar cheann de na ceisteanna is m a bhaineann leis an gcine daonna i lthair na huaire athr aeride. Mnonn s card fin agus card is fidir a dhanamh chun stop a chur leis. Danann s iarracht a fhil amach cn tionchar a bheidh ag tamh domhanda ar irinn. Sa chlr seo faigheann Neelo amach card at ag tarl don aimsir. Casann s le saineolaithe aimsire, le hacadir, le taighdeoir agus le buaiteoir Duais Nobel agus bonn droch scalta acu. Faigheann Neelo amach go bhfuil an domhan ag tamh agus mura dtiocfaidh athr ar an scal go luath beidh ire sos leis.

It seems like an interesting idea for a show but I don’t really like the presenter. I’ll probably watch it but I hope I’m not forced to flick over because of him.

That little tubby fook who think’s he’s funny?

Gimme Hector anyday…

T an se seo ar sil anocht ag 9.30 lads. T na ads feicthe agam agus brethnaonn s suimil. Se maith ar bhar tbhachtach, slim.

As there’s a slight connection between this clr and an occasional forum member I think I’ll watch this tonight.

Chuala m go raibh botun litiriochta danta ag na producers. Bhi an clr ridh acu nuar a thug duine igin faoi deara go raibh an focal Domhain (sic) litirthe micheart ar na teidil.

Bhi ar Neelo fin dul go Stisiun Heuston an Aoine seo caite agus na sean tipeanna a scriosadh.

T suil agam go mbeidh caighden nios fearr ar an gcuid eile den chlr.

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Just realised this clashes with the repeat of Raw on Sky tonight so it’ll be the wrestling for me.

I have one of those box things that scrambles the NTL cable but it’s gone on the blink and I only have the following stations: RTE 2, TV3, Setanta Ireland and Channel 6 so no TG4 for me…

Heard there’s a problem with those boxes tonight Farmer - might they all be fucked now?

Anyway I’m sitting through Two and A Half Men now on TG4 - and just spotted an ad for the show. It’s that Hector Junior lad alright who’s presenting it.

That dude has a face for radio.

Re the boxes the same thing happened on Tuesday night but they came back at around 9pm. I don’t like the look of this though.

I could just pull the cable out of the box and straight into the TV an I would have the ordinary NTL package but the goddam cable isn’t long enough…

Missing the darts as well.

N raibh s sin romh donagh (sorry for the pun) ar cur ar bith. Bh ceol maith ann agus bh an trade-off idir c comh asca n deacair a bhadh s chun a thuiscint i gceart slim.

Cheap m go raigh an lad i Maynooth suimiil - nl rogha agat ach a aontaonn leis.

Good episode of Neel last night, even if he did sell out and decide to become pro nuclear. And then to compound his transition into nuke boy he picked up some radioactive stones from near the power plant and flung them into the sea - runing the water for all of us.

Shocked when I saw the credits. I know for a fact that some people did loads of Internet research work for that prick and didn’t get a mention. Others who did nothing other than maybe pass on some contact details get their name in the credits. It’s like Juhy was saying about the Searcaigh documentary makers - some of these bastards are just in it to generate controversy, all the integrity is gone out of the game.

I watched a few minutes of it during an ad break in the wrestling. The Neelo guy was sitting in listening to some lecture or something with a big furrowed brow on him trying to look intellectual and then he grabbed Eamonn Ryan of the Green Party after it to make some plea or other to him about wind farms. He was fairly passionate and seemed well versed in what he was talking about so I think we might have the next Tommie Gorman on our hands here.

we might have the next duncan stuwart…“and that vital”

Linda Irvine has been promoting the language for years…

Tà Eoghan MacDiarmada go hiontach ò thaobh an teanga a chur chun cinn chomh maith.

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Imagine this speech as Bearla - this should be a Leaving Cert text

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