September 11 memories

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Gary Kelly :clap:
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Cantona :guns:

This is a new low for TFK.

All that effort :rolleyes:


Sitting in the Gingerman on Fenian Street, drinking at 11am and staring at the TV all day, till we were absolutely blotto.

In JD’s in Ballybunnion sipping a pint when SSN was rudely interupted by those unthoughtful self absorbed yanks. Spent the night getting mortal in the stables followed by the Lodge.

It was a Tuesday, wasn’t it? I remember being on the lock in Mooney’s of Wexford that night. Had just finished my summer job ahead of returning to college. I was an annoying imbecile back then. I haven’t changed.

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Did Sky Sports News exist in 2001? The day it started was truly the day our world changed.

Jaysus some old bastards on here, I was only starting 5th year.

Only heard bits and pieces of what was going on during lunchtime, the cunts of teachers decided not to tell us anything. Fucking morons.

SSN was in place before 2000 Sid. I thought you remembered everything?

I was in work as the reports started to come in, I commented to a work colleague, I bet you t’was your man Bin Laden that did that. He was amazed when reports emerged later in the day linking Bin Laden to the attacks, he looked at me as a world terrorism expert from then on. He was a bit simple.

My Da’s first reaction when he heard it was that the American TV networks were just overhyping what was a small enough incident. He then switched back to the racing.

Mad to think we all got a holiday on the Friday for it.

And sod all thanks Osama got for it.

I heard it in a petrol station, and old farmer came up to me and said β€œthe shky shcrapers have capshized in 'merica hi”. I thought he was for the birds until I went home and turned on the box.

Sky news were reporting it as an accident from what I remember, then the second plane came into view.The delay with the second plane was a great ploy as millions saw it live around the world and it made it far more shocking.

If something like that happened in a film it would be dismissed as too far fetched.

I remember we had just started third year and the air was rife for a few days that the Junior Cert would be cancelled the following summer as the world would be at war. This of course was started by one of the teachers who was losing the run of herself

There’s a few good documentaries on the last week or so about 11/9 but I saw one where a guy was claiming the USA had done it to themselves. Deliberately flew the planes into the towers so they could justify going to war in the middle east. St John of gods for him anyway.