Sevco v Celtic ☘

With a heavy heart we go again.

This huns team isn’t as good as their pre Christmas form suggested. They’ve been dumped out of the cup again, they were crap in Europe and they looked very beatable when we’ve played them.

We owe them one tomorrow.

Expecting Forrest to start after he trained all week. Taylor likely ahead of Laxalt.

So maybe something like

Kenny Welsh Ajer Taylor

Brown McGregor
Forrest Turnbull Elyounoussi


That leaves Christie out. Either he or Elyounoussi seem most likely to make way for Forrest I suspect. Edouard hopefully shows up tomorrow.

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Team is as above.

Subs: Barkas, Bitton, Griffiths, Ajeti, Soro, Christie, Johnston, Ralston, Laxalt

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Why is the fanny Bain still in goal?

Why is Brown starting ahead of Soro?


Bain is really annoying me since he got back into the team. A serviceable backup but now we seek to be rewarding his mediocrity for far too long.

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He’s at best a third choice. A backup generally needs to be reliable.

He’s too wee anyway.

Come on to fuck Celtic

Turnbull has looked off the pace here.

Jonjoe Kenny is a complete ham.

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Unbelievable. We have the ball. Kenny gets it. A few seconds later they’re in on goal. He’s rank.

Corner drops in the middle of the six yard box and nobody anywhere near it

See him again there. Powder puff tackle on Aribo after giving the ball away himself.

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I’d take him off now. He’s a coward.

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Some fivcking about by Celtic with some kick outs.

Some hit from Elyounoussi

Jesus christ.

Ah ffs

That was stupid by McGregor to go off his feet like that.

That kinda sums this season up. Celtic, for all their ineptitude, haven’t had the run of the ball(s) at all. A scuffed/mishit shot diverted in, a minute after Celtic hit the bar.