Shaving Thread

I was pretty certain we had a thread on shaving and shaving products and all that jazz but a token search turned up nothing.

So what products do people recommend?

My current shaving system is:

Shave in the shower (finalise things in the mirror after but I do miss bits often enough, just don’t think I’ll ever go back to shaving at a sink).

I use either Total Shaving Solution or King of Shaves oil, though I read recently that they’re bad for the blades.

I never liked Mach 3 so I use Sensor XL blades. Indifferent to them.

I gave that Philishave Nivea electric thing a go but that was a fucking disaster.

Am tempted to try the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium which I think featurs a trimmer along with normal blades which would suit my grooming needs. Anyone used one?

I have shaved in the shower in the past, a place I used to rent had a shaving mirror in the en-suite shower, when I build I will be adding this into my plans, a superb idea. I didnt think there would be too many others out there who would have taken that option in the past.

I have the Fusion, bought it by mistake one day when hungover, thought it was the Mach 3 and seemed like it was on a good deal, not realising what it was and how much the blades would be for it. Would never go back now. I know it seems like a gimmick, buit I think its fucking superb, have never had a better shave than I’ve had with the Fusion.

I like to use the foam as opposed to the gel, and then I leave it on for about 5 mins or so if I have the time to kill. Find that I get a far better shave when I do it that.

Nah still on the mach 3. Old reliable.

I’ve been getting some total shaving solution(buy Irish) sent over for the last while-still about a bottle and a half left. Love that shit although a visitor left behing a chinese shaving gel which has worked a treat when called upon.

My drill is to put the total on early while showering and by the time I’m finished scrubbing I’m ready to go. Shaving while dripdrying in front of the mirror is a fine use of my time.

Fantastically, my new job will not require a daily shaving so I’ll only be troubled by it once or twice a week. This is a source of immense joy to me.

Also, the missus picked me up a bottle of Origins Fire Fighter a while ago which I can highly recommend. Cooling, smells nice and the face feels like milk afterwards.

Shaving when teh face is hot is the only way to go.
Whether it means shaving in the shower or just after.

also, forget about Gel. Foam (especially scented foam) is great.
I found foam lasts way longer (you only need a golf ball size and not a handful of it) and it outlasts the gel so saving money.
After the shave a hot towel in very hot water and onto the face.
Then a good aftershave.

If you don’t need to shave every day I recommend the following.
Shave on Tuesday and Thursday morning and Sunday night.
This means you only have to shave twice during the working week and will not ahve to miss the train on mon/wed/fri and you’ll also have some good rough stubble for the girls at the weekend.

Yours etc,

I never liked Mach 3 [/quote]


useless pieces of shite, don’t shave close enough for my liking…Haven’t shaved since Thursday morning and am planning on going til the start of the weekend at the earliest without a shave and see how the bearded look suits me, the only thing that I find off putting is that I see a couple of light tinges grey in it:eek:

One of my old friends is a jorno and had a piece on this in the Independent:

Blades of glory: a razor-sharp guide to shaving
Declan Cashin tried every brand of razor to find the best a man can get

Apologies in advance to all you female readers, but this one is just for the boys. After all, I wouldn’t expect you ladies to understand anything about punishing beauty regimes or excruciating hair removal procedures. I’m talking, of course, about shaving, the bane of every man’s – or at the very least my – life.

Shaving doesn’t just cause painful nicks on the neck or under the nose either – it bleeds your pockets too. The price of razors and blades varies enormously, depending on the brand and store you buy them in.

For the past few years, I’ve been a reluctant though loyal devotee of the Gillette Mach 3 Power brand (a battery-powered, vibrating triple blade cartridge wet razor … phew!). This is despite that fact that a packet of four replacement blades cost anything between 14 and 18, a price so extravagant that it accords them special security status to avoid shoplifting.

When I contacted Gillette’s owners, Procter & Gamble, about those prices, a spokesman passed the buck to the individual sellers, saying “the in-store prices of our products are at the discretion of the retailer, which is why there can be variation in the product pricing.”

He added that P&G decide on a wholesale price that covers their costs of development, research, packaging and other expenses. Unfortunately, the spokesman wasn’t at liberty to disclose their wholesale price of razors to help us gauge how much is being added at the counter.

Given the huge array of razors, I decided to try a few out over the past couple of weeks, ranging from the cheapest to the dearest, to see if the price really does have a bearing on the shave.

First, I should give a very quick potted history of my personal shaving. Being so manly, I started using razors at 13, and so over the past 15 years, I can honestly say I have tried every shaving product devised.

Over the past two years I’ve settled into a very precise routine. I shave twice a week to spare my face the torture, and therefore spend most of the week sporting what I delusionally label as “designer stubble”.

On my shaving days, I do it just before bedtime so as to give the skin time to heal overnight (and slather any grazes in tea tree oil and/or Sudocrem without having to venture out in public). I start by scrubbing the beard with an exfoliator and then massage a heavy dose of shaving oil into the hair.

Then I lather up and apply a specific alcohol-free shaving gel, and use my triple-blade razor to do the first run over my face, all while remaining conscious of not “shaving against the grain” (though I’ve yet to fully grasp that one).

Then I rinse my face, slap on more oil and shave gel, and go back over in quick strokes, hoping against hope to avoid a bloodbath. Then I rinse off my face with tepid water, followed by soaking a face towel in cold water and holding it over the shaved neck for a minute. After all that, I then use a light post-shave healer that claims to be “anti-imperfection”, but is yet to fully live up to that creed.

My father laughs at me, because, being an old schooler, he can shave with just a splash of water, some washing-up liquid and a butter-knife, and still have a peaches-and-cream complexion afterwards.

I wish I were a real modern man like the ones in the razor adverts on TV, where the likes of Brian O’Driscoll and David Beckham balletically and painlessly glide razors over their faces. Try to replicate that exact style at home and, instead of the Swan Lake of shaves, most men would end up with a face resembling the pepperoni house special from Dominos Pizza.

The cheapest blade I could find was a packet of 10 Tesco brand disposables for the cut-throat price of 89c. This is a very basic one-blade razor that would be very useful for removing lint from a sweater, but less adept at catching thick facial hair and left me with neck-rash and one nick.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the worst performing razor that I sampled. That (dis)honour goes to the basic Bic disposable (1.20 for 10). This razor didn’t make any dent on my stubble, and I gave up in frustration.

I switched to the next razor, the double-edge blade Wilkinson Sword Classic (3.90). This one confused me for a minute because you have to twist off the top of the razor and insert the blade yourself (you get five blades in the packet).

This was quite a sharp blade, good for a quick, clean shave on a light beard. I still managed to give myself one nick on the neck, but this was the best new razor so far. Next up was a three-blade razor with moveable head from Lidl, costing 5.99.

It was certainly better than the basic disposables and it didn’t give me any nicks or scrapes, but overall it was an uneven, patchy shave. Lastly, I went up a grade from my usual Gillette Mach 3 Power razor and opted for the Gillette Fusion (17.99), the much-trumpeted five-blade cartridge with an extra blade for trimming sideburns.

This was similar to the Mach 3, but gave a much closer shave. Through my own fault I over-did it, and ended up with quite a few bloody spots and a pink neck rash.

In the end, I went back to the Mach 3. It gives me no pleasure to report that, in the final analysis, you might just very well get what you pay for.

All you can do is either settle for a bloody-tissue-speckled visage, or suck it up and shop around for the best price. Really, you ladies don’t know how easy you have it.

  • Declan Cashin




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Fucking woofter.[/quote]

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Yours etc,

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Anyone use an electric Razor??

Opinions on same. Had a few of em down through the years but only ever cheap ones that weren’t great. Anyone ever buy one of the expensive ones?

Cyclist. :guns:

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any the rest of ye get problems with ingrown hairs in the beard? fookin annoying

[quote=“count of monte cristo”]thank fook for that thraw.

any the rest of ye get problems with ingrown hairs in the beard? fookin annoying[/quote]

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