Shefflin out of All-Ireland Final

Just heard he actually did his cruciate against Cork.
There’s a chance, a minute chance, for either Waterford or Tipp now

Yeh, just heard it on newstalk meself.
Whatever small chance we had is gone now for sure.
Fuck it. Fuck it anyway.

Is it the same one he did in 2007…Big loss alright, huge game for Reid and Power to step up to the plate now…If Hogan is out as well then there definately won’t be the same air of invincibility about the Cats with Comerford at 11 and Ryell at 6

Huge game will be expected of Power now alright-if he were to clean up in the final it would probably get him the HOTY.

Still, you could say it’s a big driving point for the Kilkenny players - the chance for 5 in a row obviously but also the “let’s do it for Henry” line will be used over and over.

Big big loss for Kilkenny is Henry,Hogan…meh!

Disappointed for him. No bearing on the result though, KK will still win in a canter.

Don’t know Puke but it puts everyone else under serious pressure. Psychologically its a huge blow.
I wouldn’t be massively worried about Ryall if he had to play at centre back, but going into a final without Henry will create big doubts in everyones head.
A pity. He was going so well on Sunday, really back to his best and now the year is over for him.

Ger Canning the cunt diagnosed him as being ok.

Hogan wouldn’t be much of a loss if Tennyson was fit, now means that Kilkenny will either have to go with Ryell, who is well past his best or completely rejig the defence and move Tyrell out

Exactly. Do it for Henry will be it.

Tyrell will be suspended for the final sure after Donal O Grady did him on the Sunday game!

In any case, KK will still do it. Dont tend to rely on Shefflin as much any more, and Power is as good on the frees.

Jesus that is desperately unlucky for him.Goes without saying but wish him a speedy recovery.After he did it in 2007 normal service was resumed the following summer.Hopefully it’ll be the same story here.

As an aside when your cruciate is gone its gone.I played a bit of a county final 2 months after I did mine.You cant really fuck it up anymore by playing on it ala McGeeney and Earley.There was a centre back for the huns who didn’t get the op and played on without one for the rest of his career by building up the quads and calf muscles.

I think there are two different types, Anterior Cruciates and Exterior Cruciates…If it is exterior you can get away with building the muscles around it, the other one needs the op and is more severe…could well be the other way round, I am sure there are others on here who know more about it

Couldn’t Tommy Walsh do just a good a job at 6 than 5? fantastic playmaker and super in the air…

That would mean playing Ryell wing back where his lack of pace would be badly exploited, JJ would probably be moved to 6 before Tommy

It’s not the one he did in 07.

Not a hope. Kilkenny are fucked.

[quote=“Watch The Break, post: 503592”]
Not a hope. Kilkenny are fucked.
[/quote] :smiley:

Thank God I backed the hang sangwich aters this morning at 4/1. They will be even money after this… :smiley:

Tough luck on Henry. As Piles said this is a big psychological loss for Kilkenny as he’s a massive leader in the team, especially for the forwards.