Shit that makes you feel old


Jeffrey ?


I am pretty sure he never claimed to suffer from depression. It was anxiety that was/is the issue.


I just text my mate there - while not quite a clinical psychologist, he’s in year two of becoming one … He did say he’s not really uptodate on what Breslin says, but that if it helps people than it’s not a bad thing - He said if he’s only in it for fame/to stay relevant then people who have suffered mental health problems or those who have worked in the field for a long time would see through him and would call him out for it …

Has anyone publicly called Breslin out?


I cannot remember all the specifics but maybe that’s part of the issue? The confusion.

He definitely spoke about depression alot.

And this is not JUST about him. There are others, whi i know are without doubt worse and are talking to kids with no idea really what they are at.


Is Bressie living in a house share at his age. Jesus no wonder the cunt is always depressed.


Fella on Last word questioned it seriously.

Another lady on Marian Fanucian was more forceful.

It’s not just him though.

There is one well known person who has used it without any clinical diagnosis to further fame


If he’s really a danger to people then surely these clinical psychologists and others in that field have a care of duty to call him out and railroad him??


I would say most have enough to be doing.

But I do think some things said did have an effect.

But like we have Crossfit. Good if not perfect anology. Was dangerous physically for a good while to lots of people. Then people copped on a bit to it and then it started to become more individually driven.

Good coaches wrote many articles on it. It had an effect eventually. Many psychologists rubbish pop psychology all the time.


I’ll wait to hear what Jordan P has to say on the matter.


Bressie did claim to suffer from depression.

Jeffrey is his name for his depression.

He spoke about being hidden away in his room during his teens as depressed as fuck.

Well… it depends whether you read articles before or after he knew he could make money out of it.


I stand corrected.


Less of that loser talk.


You’ll never fit in around here with that attitude.


It’s okay to admit a mistake :sunglasses:


Are you depressed or low in the dominance hierarchy ?


I think I might have been for a while - hiding behind printers. But i’m making a run at becoming the first Taoiseach of a united Ireland so i’m changing the narrative thanks to Jordan.


I meant “you” generally.

You are clearly a narcissist
I will dig out what JP makes of you.


I’ll need to be to become Taoiseach.


30 year school reunion


That’s a milestone alright!