Shit that makes you feel old


I changed it there for ya.

Have you found anything witty to come back with yet while employing your low level delaying tactics there?


Reverse psychology is a strange and powerful thing




Are you a clinical psychologist?


Are you?


I’m working Kev. I’ve no idea what you are referring to here.

You’re getting enough attention from the rest of the rabble on here so you don’t need to court any extra from me.

Have a wonderful day.


Answering a question with a question.

Beaten docket.

Fuck off time waster.


You still took the time for that. We’re all working on something.


30 seconds to write something is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

There goes another 15 now.


What has me being a clinical psychologist got to do with you talking shite? Are you a clinical psychologist? Have you been talking to a clinical psychologist that has examined Bressie and pronounced him as dangerous?

Can you back up anything you’ve said?


And still nothing of wit


You told me it was nonsense that clinical psychologists think he is dangerous, and others like him. Clinical psychologists think those talking about depression or similar issues based only on their own experience to make a name for themselves is very dangerous. They do not have to have assessed him. He was in the media for long enough.

To be honest this is really just logical. But you think it’s nonsense.

For what it’s worth, from his story and what’s been revealed they do not think he was ever truly depressed either.

In fairness to him I believe it was suggested to him by someone in the field to stop and go away and get qualified in some area and I am led to believe that’s what he is doing. However he was not alone.


You said apparently he is dangerous. I said that was nonsense. Now you’re telling me clinical psychologists say he’s dangerous. This is also.
a load of nonsense.

A good friend of mine lives with him so if he is really so dangerous I’ll have to warn my friend.


You are deliberately either adjusting what I am saying or misunderstanding.

His message and story is dangerous to other people you clown, its too simplied and fluffy. Not that the man himself is physically dangerous to others ffs.

What a dickhead you are.

This has been discussed on national radio. It’s nothing new or revolutionary. I brought it up when I heard it way back with a friend who is a clinical psychologist and the jist of the answer was “the less said about that the better”

Most decent clinicians would tell you 80-90% of people who claim they are depressed or even medicated for it are nowhere near it. Clinically.

And they also believe some of the “awareness campaign” stuff did more harm than good.


This is what you said. Dickhead.


You understood the discussion being had.

You made a stupid comment.

You got pulled on it.

Move on.


My comment was that what you said was nonsense, and it wasn’t stupid. You’re talking shite.


It’s not.

It was.

I’m not.


Back around the time of the ‘Insert the 8th’ campaign.


Thats 100% correct.