Shit that makes you feel old




How is @thedancingbaby?


Not good I’m afraid, one of his dearest friends stabbed him in the back recently


the box office status of the Munster hurling championship has him driven demented
it’ll be a long road back


the stadiums are empty mate
the average tv viewing figures are approx. 250k out of 5 million people


Ah that’s fucking terrible. How is @funtime?


Piss off you nonce.


Posters reminiscing about being in school for the 2010 world cup.
I can recall 1978 and getting to watch matches late at night including the infamous 6-0 for argentina


Seeing your first set of wheels turning up in a vintage car show.


If you knew then what you know now. Probably worth a multiple of what you paid for it


True, but I probably sold it for around 200


Nonce? What part of England are you from?


I had never heard of three of England’s World Cup outfit today. Maguire, Trippier, and the wonderfully named Loftus-Cheek.


same, never heard of trippier




There’s some rapper dead, well I think he’s a rapper, he’s called X something or other? I’ve never heard of him. Is he like ‘Pac or Biggie?




Is he related to Bitcoin?


He’s a nephew of Packie Coyne.


I wonder is he related to Fitte* cent ?

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