Shit that makes you feel old


I saw there the Blindboy is holding an online vigil for him :rofl:

Was he any use @Copper_pipe??

Sorry for your loss @glasagusban @Turenne @The_Most_Infamous


He was a woman beater anyway. Said woman was also pregnant at the time.


They’re all the same … violence and drugs and get shot down in a blaze of glory and they blame the white man for it all :joy:


Would he have been the sort of lad Rapping about selling drugs and shooting people @chocolate-mice would have listened to as he drove to work


What in the name of Jesus is an online vigil?


Ask Blindboy


By any chance will it involve him setting fire to the bag on his head?


Work !!! :joy::joy::joy:
You’re a gas cunt.


preferably while its still on his head


Well yes… I’d say that was the point alright


Just clarifying… but thanks anyway hoss


I got a ‘top of the range’ Casio watch for my communion - they are now selling these as ‘Casio Classics’


Collected a bit of herb today, my good friend was rushing off with a bag of powder, bag of cans & headed for a Rave at 3pm in the middle of the day.

I was massively jealous.


Is hash still around or is it all weed now?


What are you talking about??




In thurles?


I swear on my tash it’s hard to find hash.


The Nike logo is 30 years old…


Is that chap any use? Has he not gotten a new contract because of his protest?

cc @Gman and @Robert_Emmet