Shit that makes you feel old


But so far so good?


So this happened last night.

Whether he meant it or not, the cocky head on the cunt immediately after is impressive and proof that the apple hasnt fallen far from that particular tree.

Although, right footed :eek:


A very pretty lady at work told me yesterday that she was in first class when the plane hit the twin towers.


Is she talking to you from beyond the grave?


Ah lovely.
Too many protein shakes.



I’ve gotten the quip at the fourth time of reading.


Not the first time it took you a few attempts to get something :grin:



I’ve read this twice and I don’t get it.


Last night Liberian President and AC MIlan legend George Weah’s 18-year old son played for the USA. Weah himself, now aged 51, played 79 minutes for Liberia in a special friendly arrnage to retire his number 14 shirt number.

Also Gheorge Hagi’s 19-year-old son scored directly from a corner for Romania U21s last night.


Child number 2 getting Junior Cert results today Child Number 1 graduation and 21st next month😭


Ah FFFF sake.


You owe me half that nice post I reckon.


How embarrassing for the 15 :smiley:


Where’s it on mate?


I believe that Weah will win.


That’s one Weah of looking at it.


I’ve been posting on TFK for 12 years, over a third of my life :open_mouth:


A life well lived.


A year for every inch of your nose. Happy anniversary pal!


A waste of bandwidth and storage.