Shit that makes you feel old


I think you mean the Nike “Just Do It” campaign, the Nike Logo is the Swoosh and was created in 1971.

Brilliant work from Nike to pull in Kapernick on this campaign, genius.



They’ll upset a lot of Muricans too though


They’ve fucked him, froze him out.


Fuck yeah!




You’re correct of course. I should have said slogan, not logo.

The logo of course goes all the way back to the Greek Goddess Nike. The logo is taken from her wing.





Kaepernick is reasonably good. Not elite, but definitely good enough to be a starter for a really shite team or at least a back up. The fact he is neither hinges mostly on his protests and the baggage that comes with him. He started the kneeling protests to black killings by police

the above gives a good summary of the case.

He is filing grievances and collusion against the NFL. Americans being thick rednecks isnt helping his cause either.


Getting up in the morning


Being out in Dublin and being surrounded by young wans. Felt like Big Tom at a Tupac concert in town last night





A curious affair.


Can you bullet point that? Seems very odd.


Eugene Lambert was coming back from France with his puppets in 1980 via Dover when he was arrested for desertion by British Police. He was remanded in custody by a magistrate almost immediately.

He was accused of having deserted the British Army in Omagh in 1946. His mother swore on affidavit that he had been working in a factory in Sligo at the time.

Anyway after a couple of weeks of diplomatic maneuvers he was released and nothing was ever heard about the matter afterwards.


He should have picked a safer place to cross.


Mr. Quinn

Send the wagon.



I remember that. It was news for a day or so.


Weren’t the cunts very quick to Judge him .


The whole thing is Slightly Bonkers.