Shit that makes you feel old


nearly 18 years since uaneen died


I thought that was around longer than that.


Yes that’s one for the Things that make you feel young file.


Very good read here if you’re interested


Nice radio doc broadcast earlier this year about it


That’s very good. I loved No Disco, always liked Dineen, it was essential viewing.


What a cunt that David Gray is/was.


There’s a chap playing left full for England this evening, never heard of him, ever. That would never happen when I was a kid


The twins that played the baby Emma in friends are 16.


Log that in the Embarrassing Facts I spread on a Public Forum thread pls, pal.


What happened?


I will do no such thing.

You Tipp cunt.


David Gray became too popular, he was beloved by knowledgeable musos when he was playing to 100 people.


I had the misfortune to be sharing a flat in rathmines with 3 females when the shite ladder came out. I was subjected to its shiteness for days on end.

if I ever meet david grey, ill rip out his vocal chords and cut off his hands so he can never do the same again.


You’re a hardman? That’s a real surprise


not really, but ill make an exception for grey.

no surprise youre a soft man sure your missus said as much when I was cuckolding you


Always enjoyed Babylon.


Met him last year in a professional capacity.

Wouldn’t be a fan of his music but he seemed an alright sort


try listening to Babylon and please forgive me on a loop for a couple of days and see if your opinion changes


I like that one, standing at the door of the pink flamingo…