Shit that makes you feel old


You’re edginess has now extended to repeatedly informing me that you’re riding my wife,
Jesus but you’re an awful man. Pure class.


There’s only one poster riding @backinatracksuit’s wife round here and that’s @backinatracksuit



I don’t give a fuck mate, if you want to act like a 14 year old that’s fine with me, I always pictured you as an Artie Ziff style character, the thoughts of you attempting to give somebody a hiding or a seeing to is absolutely hilarious.


Back doors smashed in?


well that’s great for you, and ill leave with your little fantasy.



Sorry, it wasn’t Artie, it’s Jay Sherman you remind me of, I’d say you’re a right hard cunt alright, and a serious swordsman. :smile:


Stop seething


Babylon is some tune


If David Gray was less famous the boys would be singing his praises


oh you got me there, pow, right in the kisser.

youre quite handy at this INTERNET malarkey thingy aren’t you


I’m no match for you in tne put down department that’s for sure.
I’m riding your wife :rofl:


no youre not.


This year’s love is even better. Thanks for reminding me @artfoley


Words dismantled, hey, and all the books unbound
Conversations though we utter not a sound
I heard a rumor, I don’t know if it’s true
That you’d meet me where the flame turns blue


And if you want it
Come and get it
Crying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubt
Let go of your heart
Let go of your head
And feel it now



He has a couple of ok songs on his lost years album.


Lovely to see the Christmas spirit in full swing on the thread


I saw Gray play a couple of times when he was getting the exposure from No Disco, he was a brilliant artist with superb songs, like everybody else I tired of him with the overexposure he subsequently got