Shit that makes you feel old


Fair fucks to him really, he raised a serious young fella and he only a kid himself.



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He was a dominant player in the Wigan forward pack at only 17. He was absolutely beasting lads. First cap at 18 for England and captainif both club and country by 21.

Some man for the headbutts in his early league days.

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A woman offered me a seat on the metro this morning. :cry:. She was no spring chicken herself.


She was probably doing it as a chat up @Fagan_ODowd. Before she realised you were from foreign.

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That’s a lady for ya.

Youngest fella 18 today


I’m 38 and I well remember these as a kid.

Outside matt the millers in Kilkenny waiting to collect the daughter. Jesus they’re only kids lads

Not really the right thread, but years ago I did a stint of teaching practice in CBS Limerick, while I was there a young lad came into the class without a word of English, from Afghanistan, a lovely boy
Today I was walking home from school and I stumbled upon him rolling a joint with a thick Limerick accent, he gave me a nod, nice lad


I think they played together for Saracens



What was the craic like in there? Genuine question.

When I finished up there in 2003 it was a school in a bad place.

I’d say it has improved a lot re academic results.

School down to about 300 odd pupils I think which is very small for the size of the place. Its probably like anything, get the right young teachers in there and spend on facilities and they’ll get lads. Principal is young. Was below subbing in Marys a few years ago, he came in with young lads about the open night and spoke well.

Clements have a huge job done in recent years. Have a Special Ed unit set up as well. I often meet a lad on the road who is gone in and he’s very happy there in the spang new school with proximity to Laurel Hill.

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Jaysus, thats a 50% drop in headcount. There was 600 when I was there.

Clements overall would get better results or is it similar?

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All the inner city schools seem to be finding it tough, primary and secondary

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If they could get the hurling going again, twould be massive. Huge tradition there of fellas coming in from country there. Ardscoil must surely be oversubscribed with those lads like. Theres fellas in from Bruree even.

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Definitely, there used to be a massive tradition. Unfortunately it dropped off a cliff in the late 90’s, early 00’s.

You had Willie Moore, Joe McGrath and Pat Fleury sure as well. That was a pity. In fairness they were very strong soccer schools wise then.

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JP has the bursary but would be cool if he could do even a bit more, that place thriving would be fuckinh huge for a big big section of the city.

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Ya some of those boys are just gifted with a soccer ball. Unreal.

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