Shit that makes you feel old

Twice in an hour? :joy:

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There was a photo inside. You’d get them done at theme parks, but I never saw one tbh. This was one Madonna did for one of her tours and the inside.


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Do you still paint your nails with sparkles?

Only when I’m feeling down. Did you like it?

Lovely, suits you.

Thanks mate. Sometimes we just need to feel pretty


You might get your baby infants photo in it, don’t know what it’s called, you’d look one end and the picture was in there

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Lads would call round to schools doing them also.

The delux version you might get back from Knock or even Lourdes.


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Mad to think how far we’ve come as a nation

I never heard of them and I normally embrace all things South Korean.

The kid out of The Sixth Sense is now 34.

This thread

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This goal…

All the weird, wonderful, foreign and aged commentators on the World Cup channels. Like Jurgen Klinsmann.

You assume they’re older than you, until you check their age on wiki.

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Some cunt got a patent for this.

As useless as the resealable packaging for ham.

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Jude Bellingham’s dad is 46


You should see the age difference between Owen and Andy Farrell :eyes::eyes:

15 or 16 years isn’t it? Andy played against Ireland in Croke Park in 2007. His son Owen played against us for the first time around 2011 I’d guess.

I suppose Eidur Gudjohnson once came on to replace his father in an Iceland international.