Shocking events which shocked you on TFK

@Smark’s resignation as Celeb Spotting Adjudacator.

Dunphs departure.

A weirdo PM’ing me looking for drugs over Christmas 2015.


Who was that

Some chap who failed a dope test recently.


Get over youself geebag big fucking swing
Edit…passed i gave the middle part of the piss

you fucking weird cunt, what kind of weirdo does that

You ruined my Xmas day with your threats and general unpleasantness.

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Thousands at it i thought you were are druggi, more bs ye

harassing a lad on the internet your freak

you should have passed the matter over to myself and @HBV, it would have been dealt with, we would have sorted out the horrid little cunt


Sorry harry i was a little embarssed mate and dont take to ratting.

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It’s all forgotten & ive moved on tbh. It did shock me severely at the time though.

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No harm no foul, pal. We must burn a bag of herb off sometime.

At least i dont run away like a little girl to confrontation, waster

What sort of a cunt are you @carryharry that you couldn’t sort out a fellow TFKr for a bit of gear.
All your old handy chat about gear and you run to the general board after recieving a simple pm.

Ill look forward to it pal. Ill cook you egg on toast to munch on. No hard feelings here mate.

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PM sent.

And @hbv would shit his panties if he knew my stalk, pal

@Tassotti’s issuing of his eminent leaving of the TFK forum.