Should People who have links to Glasgow Rangers or Manchester United be eligable for ASOTY

It is pretty simple, should people with strong links* to Glasgow Rangers and/or Manchester United be eligable for the Alright Sort of the Year contest here on TFK

  • such as current or former players, management, backroom team etc or well known supporters of either side

Poll will remain open til 2pm tomorrow

Poll is private

Ah thats a tremendously well thought out poll chewy. This should be a nail biter.

Define links there.

The last bit of your definition of strong links needs to be tightened up a bit, well known supporters of the clubs could be alright sorts for totally different reasons yet this poll might rule them out.

The same could be said of the initial part of the definition. For instance, what if Wayne Rooney were to kill Margaret Thatcher or Terry Prone?

We would be in a terrible position where he would be ineligible.

Best to err on the side of caution here, Rory McIllroy is a high profile supporter of MUFC. You’ll catch more cunts than you’ll lose in alright sorts.

Let’s just get this clear , absolutely nothing that inbred scouse cunt Rooney could possibly do would make him an alright sort.

For an example, if James McClean were to move to Man Utd by the end of the year, would his alright sortedness be overruled by his association with the vile club he plays with?


United cant afford someone like McClean and why would he go there when he’s working under the great MON?

We’re dealing in if’s and maybe’s here. Hard facts are what we should be examining and the poll is correct as this stand at this moment in time. I would suggest we deal with future happenings if and when they arise.

What huns are voting Yes on this? :shakefist:

Most definately.

Although to appease the Huns/Manure fans on the board I would be willing to grant an exception to one person (who it can be proven that they are an alright sort) per year from this group. Lets call it the Brian Laudrup clause

A no vote here also eliminates Kenny Dalglish who supported Rangers as a chap.

Paul McGrath and Johnny Giles would also be eliminated due to playing with United.

Do we really want an Alright Sort of the Year poll that all of Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles and Jude Law are eligible for but both Paul McGrath and Johnny Giles aren’t?

Appropriate association between the two hun teams - the dialectic is clear. Celtic and Liverpool, the two Irish, socialist teams on side, Rangers Glasgow and Manchester United, the two right wing, unionist teams on the other.

I dont like this poll, it is as if the TFK is turning into a micro nanny state.

United were founded from the base of Catholics in Manchester, City from the huns.

United are the Irish club in Manchester.

Stalybridge Celtic are the only true Irish club in Manchester.

Your having a bubble mate, King Over Pope.

Liverpool F.C. has strong roots in Protestantism rather than Catholicism. Several of the clubs early directors were connected to the Orange Order, including founder John Houlding and John McKenna.

You’ve fallen for the old, cliched myth there. Must try harder.

Fucking Liverpool fans always have to drag themselves into it dont they? Jesus Christ.