Sign if you won’t be watching the all Ireland hurling final

Would usually support any Leinster county v a Munster one bar limerick obviously. The smugness of the likes of Jackie tyrell and Eddie Brennan has really pissed me off over the last 36 hours. Tyrell clearly suffers from being a no mark on those great Kilkenny sides and wants to make himself relevant. I always go to the hurling final but I’m have tempted to skip this. I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch and I can’t read a paper or listen to a podcast for the next few weeks. Simply Gutted Limerick didn’t make the final.


I’ll be well over yesterdays defeat by the time the final comes round. Just lamenting it won’t be in September as it’s a chance to light the fire with a nice bottle of red and enjoying it.

Those lads are just revelling in their county, former colleagues/mentors winning. Anyone would be the same. Be something wrong with them if they did not rejoice in winning an epic match.

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you’re gutted mate and I wouldn’t blame you …Unlimited Heartbreak so it is

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Na tyrell is a right little queen and has been making snide remarks all season long. He fancies himself A little bit too much.

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Any hurling man who doesn’t watch the All Ireland final should just stay in bed and watch this on loop for the day



The All Ireland final in hurling and football is more than sport, it is a celebration of Ireland


When neither of the best teams in the country are in final it’s hard to watch.

In saying that, I missed the 07 final as I was hungover in Toronto and couldn’t find a place showing it in time. Walked into an ‘oirish bar’ the night before and asked where they showing the hurling. They hadn’t a clue what it was

Laois will be missed but I’ll still give it a watch

Spurs are visiting the champions Manchester City that weekend in the second round of fixtures of the new EPL season. Presume that will have the 4pm Sky Sports Super Sunday star billing if you’re looking for something else to do.

Having the hurling final on in August just is not right, it was like moving the Epsom derby to a Saturday


Ah well shit happens. I remember the 09 final in particular ( I’m not having a dig here) . It was an awful day here. Wind howling, cold like the middle of winter. Had a right roaster dinner, fire lit , few beers and a flaking match.
Bate the premiership on Stephens day by a country mile

Everything was better in the past


It always will be. In 35 years time, you’ll be telling your grandkids, you remember when you could by a house in Dublin for 500k and a packet of fags was only €15. A night out only cost €200 and a taxi was a steal at 50 notes

I’ll always watch the final regardless. The winter is long enough without hurling on the tv

It’s like the FA Cup Final taking place at a venue that doesn’t have a dog track

Can imagine. Take a few weeks off posting about hurling too and come back refreshed for the league next year

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The tg4 coverage of club games has softened the winter a bit