Sign in if you admire Glasagusban

Signing in. I despise the way the forum blue shirts, reactionaries and neocons bad mouth him at every turn

Keep fighting the good fight mate and keep sticking to your principles.


Signing in. Anyone as thick ignorant as him who keeps coming back has to be admired, somewhat grudgingly.

I can’t say I agree with anything he says or does however.

In. He’s the only poster here that likes travellers, and such diversity must be maintained.

There used be a core group of people who picked on Glas. Now a lot of opportunists have jumped on the bandwagon and relished the safety of numbers in attacking a weak target.

That’s just mean.


Are you signing in Kid?


I think the attacks from posters who wouldn’t engage themselves in a duel with him one on one but are happy to land shots when there’s a few guys involved are classless.

I don’t think he should have to deal with that. I fundamentally oppose pretty much everything he stands for but the opportunistic point scoring off of him by certain posters is cowardly.


I don’t have an opinion on him either way. Other than hes a halfwit goon.
He tried really really hard this year to keep himself relevant after Limerick were knocked out of the championship, because that’s when he’s normally ignored, and I suppose this thread is an indication that his attempts were sucessful.
I suppose in one way we should be kind to him as that age between puberty and early manhood can be tough, confusing, and smelly.


Nasty thread designed to isolate a poster and humiliated him.
Poor form.

Just like you and your essays about @mac

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As a believer in free speech, I have no issues with his posting. And in fairness to the lad, he is consistent in his viewpoints. And he keeps coming back for more. He doesn’t run away and hide for a few days like some people have been known to do when they get clamped.

That’s a series about the character MacRoaster.

Signing in. He’s a very good guy.

Signing in, unconditionally.

Signing in…

We’ll be in the Greyhound Track after the match on Sunday for a few celebratory :pint::pint::pint:


Signing in. This place would be the poorer without him


In. Glas is a very good e-pal of mine.

Has he made love to one like Mark Renton has?

I’ve been slating @glasagusban from the start, :clap: before it was cool.

You’d have to admire his rose tinted view of the world. He’s only a pup I’d say, his heart will harden soon.

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