Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


he wanted oirishmen to die fighting for the EU


I could never watch after they change Pippa. No one noticed. Everyone carried on as normal. It was a different fucking person!


Stating that Ireland’s neutral position is untenable and that Ireland should contribute to the security of the EU does not make someone a monster. At least he was honest - debate his viewpoint, don’t just demonise it lazily.


As an aside, I met suds son a few months ago
A thoroughly alright sort.


What about his roll as AG when looking at the case?

Typical cop out.

I have no jealousy towards anyone that makes an honest living, once they pay their fair share in taxes. The likes of Sutherland, O’Brien and Bono should refrain from advising us how our taxes should be spent. It stinks of hypocrisy. Some lickspittles only love to doff their cap at their perceived betters, a common blueshirt trait.

To believe that Sutherland was a humanitarian is laughable but you believe it if you want.

Is there a positive connotation to these blood sucking leeches?

Incorrect, as explained already and which you’ve mentioned above, I’m questioning his motives. To believe Sutherland had refugees interests at heart is naive. This was all about bringing in cheap labour, maximising profits for the wealthy.


The apple didn’t fall from the tree.


would you make fun at him too if he looked gravely ill?


Where exactly do you think you are, pal?


Imagine seeing someone you consider a personal hero, realizing he looks ill… then your first thought being I’ll score some cheap points on an internet message board with a load of strangers over this.
I really can’t fathom the mentality of some people.


beyond bizarre behaviour


The mask is slowly slipping.



Mark E Smith of the Fall.


And you had just mentioned him the other day so I listened to kicker conspiracy stolling home from work the other day, I quite liked Mark E


The Fall and Coldcut. Perfection.


Not that old?



Last night I listened to Neil Diamond records, tonight its the Fall. What will tomorrow bring?


Mark E. Smith was a celeb and a significant person.

Great book on him called Renegade. Got to see him just the once


Us reading old @Fagan_ODowd posts?