Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


Unless he frequented the watering holes of Malahide he’s not a celeb mate, and Mark E didn’t strike me as the type.


U2 hopefully


That horse trainer who told Tracey Piggott he was gonna get a ride after his horse won is dead, Peter Casey RIP


A man whose tight-as-two-coats-of-paint philosophy has furnished probably half of Europe…


Work on the coffin starting as we speak


Next day delivery guaranteed.




Galway 1-15 Antrim 1-15

Galway will probably win this by 8 points.


I see Seams Pattison ex Carlow/ Kilkenny labour TD and Ceann Comhairle has left us


Pat Brophy, centre back on the 1986 Laois National Football League winning team, died at the weekend. Aged only 60, he’s first from that team to go, a team as well know for the “Battle of Aughrim” as winning that game against Nudie Hughes’ Monaghan. He was chairman of Emo GAA up until last year when he stepped down as a result of his illness.

My first time in Croke Park was for that National League winning run, that team of Curly Prendergast, Liam Irwin, Colm & Gerry Browne, Mick & Miley Dempsey, Atch Whelan, Paddy Dunne, they were like Gods to us, and inspired the Laois Minor teams of the 90’s as a result.

May he Rest in Peace.


Hot Rod from Justified-RIP


Sad news Mike, I hadn’t heard that down here in Limerick.
Is there a Labour TD in Carlow/Kilkenny now?


No. Ann Phelan lost the Labour seat at the last election.


No 2 for 2 ff 1sf


Icelandic composer Johan Johannsson, who in recent years, has become more well known for his film scores has died


Very sad, lovely composer. He’ll be best known for The Theory of Everything but had so many other fantastic pieces.


Morgan Tsvangirai


Morgan Tsvangirai.




Decent guy rip.