Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


The Black Widow Catherine Nevin


RIP, a thought for @Tassotti at this time who had a massive horn for The Black Widow if memories serves me correctly.


67 is all I thought she was a lot older - she looked it anyway


Plotting a murder is bad for the complexion


I found Jack Whites a bit of a letdown, it always looked a right grimey old place on the news stories but it is a very modern almost restaurant style inside. I’d say the buyers did well out of it’s infamy afterwards. No such thing as bad publicity as they say.


Tell that to Paddy Jackson


Paddy might have a create a niche dating service or something out of all the publicity. There’s a few on here that’d sign up in a shot.


It seems so



Davide Astori. Captain of Fiorentina. Died in his sleep. Only 31


David Astori
Roger Bannister


Roger was a celebrity in the truest sense of the word,


It has been announced that Roger Bannister’s hearse will travel the last mile to the cemetery gates in exactly 3 minutes and 59 seconds.


Christ :rollseyes:




I thought Roger Bannister died years and years ago


you thought wrong


Thanks for telling us that. Fascinating insight.


David Ogden Stiers - known to MASH watchers as Charles Winchester.

He had the distinction of taking from Frank Burns as the target of Hawkeyes pranks.


An early version of Frasier crane, as winkingly noted by the Frasier writers