Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


Actually met him at the filming a sitcom in Hollywood back in 1999, it could have been a pilot, can’t remember the name. We were leaving early as it was fairly shit and he was standing off stage and slagged us for leaving early. Once he heard or bróg he was all chat. Nice man.


No, he died last night.


A celebrity of sorts, but I’d think he’s more significant than celebrity.
Stephen Hawking has died. A sad day.


Surely someone here “had” him?


Surely a celebrity. A prominent role in a Simpsons episode clinches it.


And big bang


Fuck sake, of course Hawking is a celebrity.


He’s the rare one that’s both.


The Russians snuffed him



A brilliant pipe player.
His music lives on…


Ah jaysus Liam Og O’Flynn is gone.
Theres very little of Oireland left at all these days. We’ll never replace the like of him with the amount of usless cunts we are producing nowadays.


I fiddled the shite out of Flynn one night below in Westport. I’ll never forget the look on his face when I left down the weapon, amazement, complete amazement. He reached around and grabbed his wallet and we swamped creamy ones all night after.






Ruby Walsh, RIP


We can only dream


He died today, the darling of the horsey set


I presume broken leg was cause of death