Sinn Fein - Populism and Partionism

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Liking your own post :rofl:… Have you forgotten your bipolar meds today mate?

Keep the Sinn Fein bashing to one thread please… It will be easier to log.

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Social media will be a rich vein.

Are all the Shinners anti vaccines or just this one?

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Every public official who runs for office should have their record examined. Stupid uninformed statements like this one made need to be challenged.

The HPV vaccine saves millions of lives worldwide annually, there is zero scientific evidence it is in any way harmful.

I know nothing about this lady - but the comments were from 2017 – maybe with the scandal in Ireland she has learned and changed her mind … or maybe she hasnt. But you have a national media outlet scrolling through someone’s social media as far back as three years ago to throw up a bit of dirt :grinning: … Journalism is dead.

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Same as Lorraine Clifford-Lee, Verona Murphy et al. But it’s wholly unfair when it happens to someone from SF


It happens all the time to everyone running or public office, and going back a lot further than a few years.

It’s noteworthy that you object to it now but would be gloating if it were a FG or FF member.


Did I say that? I’m responding to the above.

I quoted you. Maybe you’re genuinely decrying journalistic standards, but I doubt it.

I’ve already said I know next to nothing about this Clare lady and i’m not defending her. I was laughing at the Indo more than anything - it’s been a constant stream of SF bashing for 3 weeks now, everything and anything will do.

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Not defending, but deflecting. Got it.

It’s your glass, fill it whatever way you want.

Fine Gael have just come out of a government which had a junior health minister who demanded the HPV vaccine be scrapped, and Fianna Fail also have a TD who has spread doubt as to the vaccine’s effecctiveness.

Give Ms. Wynne a bit of a friendly talking to and an explanation that overwhelming medical evidence says the vaccine is effective, and shure t’will be grand.

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HBV will remain banned on TFK, there is a substantial body of evidence which suggests his internet personal was very harmful.



He’s probably a super spreader.

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To be honest the AIW was always a red herring . The state saved nothing as the shortfall was paid over to the party .

SF reviewed this policy a couple of years ago — i’m not sure what the results were… i know they found that a lot of local councillors and TDs were putting a lot of their own money into campaigns/projects/local issues and it was found that they should increase pay… Dont think there was ever a statement on it.