Six Nations 2019


If Ireland lose at Murrayfield next Saturday, an unprecendented four trophies could be lost in the space of a week.

The Millennium Trophy and the Triple Crown trophy are already gone.

If the Centenary Quaich is lost next Saturday, the Six Nations trophy is all but certain to follow.

That would leave only the Lansdowne Cup and the Admiral Brown Cup still on the sideboard.


Doyler was a great character and rugby man


Any word from Franno?


That was john staples’ head iirc.



absolutely beautiful


I’m led to believe that Joe Schmidt believes that Rob Kearney has been minding himself unduly in recent times. Apparently he pulled out of a game against the Scarlets claiming a hamstring strain that was undetectable to the medical staff.


Joe isnt and wont be happy until his players have made utter shite of themselves in pursuit of schmidtball.


Lovely piece of deflection from Joe … hanging players out to dry.


Probably minding himself for the 6 nations and all :joy:


Jim Staples.


Yep bloody bad management decisions cost us


He couldnt remember


I’d say one of the problems with the Irish team is that the top players aren’t getting enough game time and aren’t as match fit as their opponents. Lads like Sexton are spending too much time wrapped up in cotton wool and so appear to be very rusty when they play an international. The English lads are playing every week so it’s not taking them the same time to get to the pitch of the game.


Thankfully for Ireland, that disadvantage will even out come the World Cup when all teams are equally rusty.


I must say I agree wholeheartedly with this post on boards


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Behaviour of match going “fans” is embarrassing.

Arriving late and leaving early, wandering back way late after half time - and that’s not even a tenth of it.

The amount of people running off for alcohol around me, not understanding the rules (which I can get over but if you don’t know the rules you are hardly too interested in rugby to begin with), taking selfies, standing up for chats as the game was ongoing was disgraceful.

Would turn someone off going altogether. I’m not joking when I say that there wasn’t a minute that went by when someone in the couple of rows in front of me or in my own row decided they wanted drink - which leads to everyone standing, and then they have to come back with their tray and hand it out.

Also seemed like nobody was particularly bothered about the result, as if the result didn’t matter but at least they could say they were there. Happy faces and laughter abound as we were getting absolutely demolished on the pitch. A social occasion where the rugby itself was of very little consequence.

Never saw the like of it in any game of any sport I have ever been at, as someone who attends live games across different sports extremely regularly, a total and utter embarrassment.

Ticket distribution and cost this year was farcical.

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To be fair this is a huge issue a Croke Park on big game day as well The traditional roar when a team enters the field is nearly gone . Also the 10 mins after half time is a procession with cunts coming back to seats after queing for junk food .


If you want to watch a match with a specific set of requirements for acceptable behaviour while watching it, watch it at home.


Sure isn’t that every headline event? The bigger the crowd, the bigger proportion of event junkies.


You can’t bring pints into the seats or terrace at Croke Park though. You can at rugby matches.

So at least if you’re sat in the Cusack Stand, you won’t have to stand up after 48 minutes so some pissed cunt carrying four pints in one of those cardboard hanging trays can get back to his seat.

The GAA have got the balance right on this.


You couldnt have your beloved rubby slighted without dragging the GAA into it… you wanker.