Six Nations 2019


Maybe the rugby crowd should follow the GAA and not let drink onto the stadium. Would the lads turning up for the social occasion drinking event bother coming then?


Ewan knocked it out of the park with his piece this morning. Wonderful read.


Man on shocked that people at weekend networking event dabbled in alcohol. :man_shrugging:t3:


Thats where the hipflasks would come into play.


There was something wonderfully quaint and admirable about chaps sipping from hipflasks on the freezing Lansdowne Road terrace as a biting easterly wind whipped in from Sandymount, as Michael Kiernan launched a garryowen and the atavistic, tribal nature of every man, woman and child on that terrace suddenly overflowed. They might have had freezing ears, but the cockles of their hearts were warm. Marcus Rose/Paul Thorburn/Gavin Hastings/Serge Blanco were going to be fucking stampeded.


And the bushmills meandering its way down the Esophagus’s of all and Sundry as another chorus of the fields is belted out which embodies the smybiotic relationship between the average supporter and players. Professionalism has a lot to answer for.


Molly Malone was always the go to song of the real Irish rugby people.


Thought it was the Rose of Tralee


Can you imagine the sense of despair the irascible and highly strung self-appointed site rubby expert will feel reading through the last few days posts?


The moon in Wellington that day was as pale as Mick Doyle after his heart attack.


There’s been plenty of men who rose to their highest for the Rose of Tralee.


Don’t mention Roses to the rubby fans mate. It’ll send them over the edge


Saturday is history now. The focus is exclusively on the thistles.


T’would be wrong to kick true rugby supporters like @gilgamboa, @GeoffreyBoycott and @The_Selfish_Giant when they’re down.


ah twould if they didn’t spend the majority of their time when the rugby isn’t on firing out the “scummy soccer” lines.

that’s a lovely little dig at Tim as well.


We need to use our dominance in the tackle where we can mate


I though TIm was English and @mickee321 described him quite accurately below.


Atrocious effort from Ewan there today.

By the way who is the recently retired rugby international who stood at a bathroom door in Limerick spitting at everyone who walked past?


That could be thuggish behavior from any rugby player.


There’s too much passive tackling in irish rugby, or submissive tackling. I’ll decide later.