Six Nations 2019



And the spin begins.




Dunno why i clicked. Knew who it’d be. What a cunt.


@Tim_Riggins - any viewing figures for the Scotland game?


Horrible to see the famous old championship become a glorified pre-season warm up. First the autumn internationals became friendlies, now the 6 nations. Effectively there is only one competition that matters in international rugby now and it happens every 4 years, its no wonder they are looking at an entirely new calendar.



Allow me mate


We need to get all our ducks in a row for when the scummy soccer crowd hear this


Hardly mate? There was 1.3m or something like that just 7 days previously.


Must be a mistake alright

@Tim_Riggins can confirm


Does this include figures on BBC NI?


London Irish transfer. Sweep sweep.


I think I read recently that unionists have turned on the Oirish team mate


“Rory Best’s Ireland” was the top story on Newsline sports last night bro.




There was just a huge weekend for the Belfast Giants and the Irish League.


It’s probably worth looking at the irfu investing in London Irish. Maybe supplementing upto ten players a year in their squad and have control over playing time similar to the provinces. Incredible back log of players in the provinces at the moment. The only think holding Ireland back is our playing pool is too small.


Why would London Irish agree to that? They’ll need their players full time for the Engerland league


There up and down every second season. If they’d ten good players from ireland they be near the plays off. Aviva premiership teams need 40 to 50 players as it is.


I think the relationships between Premiership clubs and also the overall relationship with the RFU would make this difficult.