Six Nations 2019


Could the rfu actually do anything about it though?


The RFU govern the game so under CAS yes but the RFU give a good chunk of change to fund academies etc so that would have to be replaced. Not sure how the SRU/London Scottish thing works.

Easiest way to run it would be within the Celtic League structure tbh but politically more difficult I guess.


My take on it is that the rfu vs the club owners is the biggest cunt-off in world sport.


There is Private Equity involved now as well. A mess.


Private equity must have money burning holes in their pockets. The english clubs are an economic basket case. After brexit, id imagine the competition laws will go out the window, and one player will dominate the sport market again (likely sky), and they will have less need of the stocking filler that is english club rugby,as they go back to soccerball 24/7


Some of the clubs turn a profit. I can’t remember how many exactly. It’s the Sale Sharks that won’t ever be sustainable and Saracens who accumulate big losses.

The whole thing is ridiculous. The RFU’s failure to manage their professional tier of the game is outright incompetence. The PE guys just see the RFU plowing millions in a year with no equity stake for access to players they have already under World Rugby laws and are laughing their holes off.


Sean O’Brien off for 400k a year? — Wilshire getting more than that a week in Italy … Soccerball has spun totally out of control.


when is O’Brien moving?


The only place O Brien is moving is cattle from one field to the next.


After the world cup.


He’s moving for 400k a year? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s pretty good for rugby is it not?


How very unsocialist of you Micheal. You are mocking somebody only earning €400k per year?


It may well be. I thought they’d be getting better pay especially considering their earning capacity once they retire would be close to zero.


In fairness one or two of them will get jobs as bouncers.


Listen pal … they are not like the degenerates that play soccer … there are all well educated and highly intelligent individuals. They’ll be alright.


Apart from the likes of Cian Healy they’ll all end up being cabbages. They’ll earn nowt unless, as Fagan suggests, there’s a market out there for wheelchair-bound bouncers.


I hope the IRFU are there to pick up the pieces from the fallout of all the concussions when they’re stumbling and shuffling around the country in a few years


Be no different to the Kilkenny team of 05-15


Lads laughing at someone earning 400k a year on here is new.