Six Nations 2019


I agree - it’s bizarre.


it’s good money.

Isn’t O’Brien on over 500k with the IRFU currently though? they must not be offering him the same.

He’s had injury problems though so the IRFU probably see it as a risk with him the wrong side of 30


Dixie Dean was earning that in the 1800s. Rugby really is small time.


Or cadavers for some head trauma medical research unit.


Yes the IRFU didn’t offer him another central contract. People get older, that’s life.


Congrats Mike, well done for supporting an English football team with wealthy American owners and floods of media barons and oil money flowing into the game. Really great achievement for you.


you can let your guard down. I actually like O’Brien. I wish him well


Not like you to give up this early Tim.


Giving up on what?


One iirc.


You go on about rugby’s popularity citing viewership numbers and it’s growth in places like Madagscar. That wage is pitiful for a so called global sport.


The sport of the professional classes seems to be ran very unprofessionally over in England


It’s more than that. The likes of Leicester, Gloucester and Exeter are profitable more or less annually where as Bristol have become the same since been taken over. Northampton were profitable for years and years and only just started to lose money.

It’s the ones who accumulate heavy annual losses that are the worry. Sports clubs should go up and down depending on the year.


Football is more popular than rugby.

Water is wet.

400k for a 30 something year old coming to the end of their professional career is nothing to laugh at, but more power to you. You claim to love the working classes but are having a bit of a wealth off in here. Odd, but lads who devote their weekends to watching foreign teams full of lads far younger than them tend to lose their keenest principles over that.


The English Premier League was just as bad for decades. Held up by various sugar daddies with questionable wealth until the last TV deals made them profitable. US Sports teams used to be said to be the same and hence the “plaything of the wealthy” tag line. Now they are mostly profitable.

The private equity fellas obviously hope for a similar change.


It’s a meagre wage for an international player of a supposedly global sport.


Meagre? Do you get off about how many thousand a 18 year old makes in the EPL or something? Very strange.


I looked at another commonwealth sport. Cricketer Eoin Morgan seemingly earns 900k sterling a year.


So what? Cricketers earned fuck all before the IPL and 20/20 took over 10 years ago. To change to that money the sport has undergone a radical change which many lament. Maybe that’s what the PE guys hope to see- I hope not.


Best of luck to them making that money. So what?

SOB making a guaranteed 400k a year for 3 years with his international career over is great for the guy. Fair play to him.

I know this is a tough level for you Mike so maybe go back to the Transfer Goss pages in The Sun to see what your favourite 20 year old Lithuanian will he making next year.


You’re going against the very marrow of your being here, bro. Your core beliefs are being tossed aside like a used hanky. Step back from the brink, Mike.