Sleep - a thread to document your sleeping habits

We live in a sleep deprived society. Last night I decided on an early night and feel all the better today

Time into bed: 9.45pm
Asleep by : 10pm approximately
Reading: No
TFK: no
Other internet “usage”: no
Marital duties : No
Sleep quality : peaceful
Dreams : nothing of particular note
Alarm : 6:30am
Alarm type : buzzer on phone
Out of bed : 6.45am
Sleep length : 8.5 hours
Feel : life changing in ways I never thought possible. Rule book torn up


I changed my sleeping pattern in the last 2 weeks. My life too has changed in ways I never thought possible.

Time to bed: 10:30pm
Asleep by: c.11:00pm
Spouse duties: If on offer
Sleep quality: Excellent
Alarm: 6:30am
Spouse duties: If on offer
Out of bed: 7:00am
Spring in step: Yes!

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Time into bed: 10.05pm. Endured an hour long sweat on an awful sticky night. Moved to the couch thereafter.
Asleep by : 1am approximately
Reading: No
TFK: Yes
Other internet “usage”: Yes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Marital duties : No. I did get in trouble this morning for failing to return to bed after I’d fallen asleep. Go figure.
Sleep quality : Regularly disrupted. 4/10
Dreams : Cop solving a robbery or something
Alarm : 6:10am
Alarm type : buzzer on phone
Out of bed : 6.11am
Sleep length : 5+ hours
Feel : Initially wrecked. But enjoyed the adrenalin rush that comes with a southern hemispheric Monday morning when there’s a mountain of football and bogball to get through.


Daily routine…
Bed 11.30pm
Rise 7am.

Generally Read, surf, TFK while in bed.
Princess duties- fluctuates on a weekly basis.

Asleep around 12:45 a.m. Fitful, terror filled nights sleep. Nightmares about falling from a cliff and getting attacked by a dog.

This can’t go on.


I told you to send on an email.

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Bed at 10. Nil on offer. Slept soundly til sometime when young one crawled in on top of me burning with a fever. Couldn’t settle her. Out of bed. Calpol. She than lashed back a full pint of iced water. Finally got her settled. Not sure what time. Back to sleep. Daughter crawled back in again, and wriggled in under my arm. Fell asleep again for a while. Then woke again and put her back into bed.
Fitful sleep thereafter with vivid dream of a half cooked talking lobster.
Awake by 615. Snooze til 645. Daughter temp still 39, and her still flat out asleep.
She was boiling in the night, above 40 I’d say the little mite. Left her off school with a grumpy au pair, who remains in my good books after washing the football team kit unasked.
Tired now. Sore eyes.

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A gamechanger??

Rulebook ripped up is the new gamechanger.

Work nights to bed at 12.30, up at between 7.45 and 8.
Friday and Saturday, stay up very late, almost never before 3, then sleep like a hoor.
I’m an owl.
I do not understand crows.

Go to bed around 12 if I haven’t fallen asleep on the couch first.

No internet or other devices in the bed.

Dream wonderful dreams. Last night I dreamt about the man who coached me as a schoolboy soccer player. He was a wonderful human being.

Wake up at 630.

Bed around 12ish, can be later. Never before 11:30. Up at 6 or 6:30 depending on what time kids start school. I’m not one for lie-ins on days off. Usually shattered by Friday evening.

I’ll break you in 2 you cunt


Bed around 11 week nights mostly, up at 5.30am, 5.15am if I go for a run first up. Last few months have necessitated being up by 6.30am on weekends ffs with young lads various sporting activities (was up at 5am on Sunday), looking forward to at least getting one civilised morning a week soon. Shattered on Friday evenings also, but seem to get a second wind by about the fourth beer.

I find that I need 8 hours at least once in the working week otherwise I am wiped come Friday night. Would very seldom sleep past 9am on the weekends unless I went to bed at an ungodly hour

I went off to shoot a couple of crows this morning before work. I was stoked up for anything by the time I got into the office.
Ye lads should try it sometime, great to get rid of the cobwebs of a weekday morning.


Is this Tipperary talk for jacking off?


Time into bed: 12.00
Asleep by: 12.10 approx
Reading: No
TFK: no
Other internet “usage”: no
Marital duties: No
Sleep quality: disturbed
Disruption details: Youngest wakes at 4:30am demanding a bottle. I refused in an attempt to phase out this bad habit, stand-off ensues for about 15 minutes until her older sister wakes up coughing a spluttering in another room. To avoid further escalation I relented and gave her a bottle. She was smug as fuck as she settled back down with her prize.
Dreams: probably
Alarm: 6:20am
Alarm type: youngest wakes again
Out of bed: 6.50am
Sleep length: 5.5 hours approx
Feel: Unsatisfied


No. I needed to kill a few of the black bastards. They’ve the calf house destroyed, shitting all over it and eating all the meal.
As it stands it @Brimmer_Bradley 2.
Crows -02.
I’ll get the better of the cunts yet. Frightened the life out of some of the younger calves though.

ditto the whole lot @Fran