Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Good call by the Vatican. UM being upset by it only validates it further.



If Neil Armstrong walked on the moon today he’d have to say: “One small step for man, woman and the genderqueer community, one giant leap for peoplekind”.


It’s great to see the likes of Trump and Putin to the forefront of world politics. Strong masculine leaders who’ll put an end to these absolutely useless cunts


I hope someone assassinates that bastard. The sooner the better.


Will leo make it over to Canada another dozen times this year? Fucking tax payer funding God only knows what.




I think he’s in the US working now.



:smile: :smile:


Is that not the opposite of a snowflake? That’s one cold bitch :clap:



She can carry her own baggage to the boat



Anyone else see this… Jesus wept


Bit of a problem for dyslexic students apparently, nothing to see here.


Jaysas- I thought it said they were removing a long cock


What do they need to learn to read a clock for?


Something to do with telling the time?


Its sundials they need to be learning, once the apocalypse comes watches will be obsolete.