Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


The GAA is much more important than life or death.


Maybe I should have went all Ivan Drago on him


Ah I wouldn’t entertain their shit either. I proposed at our AGM this year that parents have to sign a letter agreeing not to approach coaches on match day, you’ve enough to be dealing with on the day, and to email the club or write to the club if there’s an issue with little Johnny not getting game time and the parents can meet with the committee to discuss it.
Towards the end of last year I as chairman got an awful grueling from parents, we nearly lost good coaches over it.
The tail was wagging dog after a while, but fuck it we’re not taking any shit this year.
If an unreasonable parent wants attendance figures from training sessions and matches I’ll be prepared for it with the committee.


yeah that was the problem too. Squad of 24, his young lad at the time would have been one of the higher ones on the list of having game time. But they can never see the overall picture, only about poor Johnny who didnt get a run in a couple of games after missing a whole summer of training. Had another lad who quit who actually had more game time than training done, but the father went mental because he wasnt getting enough of game time. just no talking to them at all.


If the parents would stand back I’m sure you’d manage it.
I’d always look at the big picture and above all else try and keep them all playing, as I’ve said you’ll plamas the lads until mammy or daddy get stuck in.
We lost one this year because he was stone useless on match days, I’d eventually have gotten that out of him but daddy told him to throw his jersey on the sideline one day when he didn’t start and they both stormed off out the gate.
I know he was stone mad to attend out presentation night last Saturday but dad wouldn’t let him. I know I won’t feel guilty if he doesn’t come back next week when we’re back.


Plamas is the word. And it isnt even the chaps you have to plamas. For the most part, they know if they are good enough or not. Its the parents who think they are the best. As long as you know you have treated them right and fairly, their is little more you can do about it. Just have to make sure you are right and fair though.


No fear the father would grab the bull by the horn and help the young fella improve himself if it meant so much to both of them? Puck or kick about - bit o practical advice. Problem is they never probably ask the young fella are they even that interested and just steam in moaning to coaches. If they asked little Johhny why he thinks he is not playing and pushed for an honest answer he’d know quick time what was what. Of course, these cunts are not interested in the truth, just being outraged and hard done by.


You sound like a wonderful father.


It’s always little Johnny causing grief for the parents, coaches and teachers, sure if you give him a gougers name what can you expect?




Attention: Snowflakes

Woyld thos type of medieval savagery be of any interest to ye?
Its actually a real cause (as opposed to an imaginary made up one) that you might get stuck into.


This bullied lark is getting out of hand


Parents are not doing a great job of that.

Cunts everywhere





Jesus Mike, whoever showed you how to do those GIFs has a lot to answer for.


He’s come a long way from the lad that was posting screenshots of his phone that’s for sure