Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


If you don’t start tyrone fans early they’ll never master “c’mon tyrone you’re on your own”


What the fuck is wrong with Tyrone people.


Will you make them one of your causes?? Please…


I’m sure someone else will make them one of my causes, as with everything else.


That’s a thread in itself


Documentaries on netflix are a major trigger for snowflakes.


The IRFU showing themselves up to be a much more advanced thinking organisation than the GAA here. Well apart from their support of rape culture among their players.


Fuck Alan Milton.


Damn right. Just ask SeaWorld.


She’ll pick up a discount ticket for the kid down by The Big Tree not a bother this year. There’ll be lads giving them away.


How are you fixed for a ticket for Sunday?


I know a lad who makes good ones.


I hope you enjoy your day, I’ll be cheering you boys on.


You’re a lovely man. :brendanback:


*Twee alert

It’s gonna be a great day. I got tickets in my hand yesterday for a few Limerick mates for the big day, and got an extra one for myself so I’m going to go along and soak it in man. Sadly I’ll never see such a day myself, and I’d be only too delighted to see them do so.


Fair play - enjoy the day out. I’m busy enough with other commitments so gave a couple of tickets to an American colleague who’s never been to a hurling game. He’s bringing his wife and they’re really looking forward to “the Irish Super Bowl”.


To be fair the septics will know as much about hurling as at least 40 % of the Limerick support on Sunday .


I have a few coming to me, just waiting to get the actual tickets into my paw and it’ll settle me no end. It’s a team game these days, and I’d be no use without the lads around me. Hopefully we can drive on now the next day and get the right result, please God.


I’d like to echo tsg’s reply on the banking thread here.


Fair play.


Seaworld is grand. Those killer whales love a bit of jumping.