Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


What’s an activated almond?


Have you not been activating your almonds before eating them? Jesus Christ man you are lucky to be alive


Ah here. Have a look at this.


Bizarrely I had this discussion with somebody the other day, I believe that they have been made to begin the germination process so as to be ‘alive’. :grinning:


I missed the homemade coconut line. :rofl:

On second look, punctuation may help him there. I have no idea what a carob is so I can’t be sure if it’s all part of the muffin.


The cunt could do with a gallon and a half of porter followed with a good kebab and garlic chips . .


That’s surely a pisstake




Pete Evans is the Yeti in a world of snowflakes


I saw this nonsense somewhere else a while back. Sounds exhausting. He must only be a chef in the type of silly sounding foods he eats because there’s no fucking way a chef in a proper restaurant/kitchen/wherever, eats only that shit.



He is famous in Australia for a strict paleo diet. Although at the same time he is a famous TV star for the My Kitchen Rules reality TV series and has to judge a whole load of food, none of which is strictly paleo. So kinda hypocritical. I dont think he is really the snowflake, I think he is making mugs out of a hape of fucking idiots who are throwing money at his books and restaurants.


Thanks for updating us on 2016 news, mate.


I nearly hopped the phone of the jacks floor after reading that.


Cultured vegetables?

Would they toddle along to the IFI on a Thursday evening to catch a vastly under-rated Venezuelan flick from the early 90s?


It was merely a demonstration of the type of character Pete Evans is.

If you want an updated news story about Mr Evans you surely have the capacity to investigate yourself.


I said thanks, mate.


You tell him , Billy.


A friend knows him well, he’s a complete mentalist apparently. The French dude he does My Kitchen Rules with can’t stand him and constantly makes fun of him and the wacky foods.