Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Ahead of Father’s Day this weekend, Channel 9’s Today Show asks a very pertinent question.


So pertinent. It’s about time we had a conversation about this.


saw that, a Dr Red Ruby Scarlet leading the charge on this one.


The Electric Picnic is their Mecca .


The Daily Telegraph and now Channel 9? Do you canvas for One Nation on your day off as well?


I don’t do days off m8.

But I am glad we’re cutting down all your precious trees to make way for the light rail.


Strolled in around the Picnic over the weekend, good fuck but there’s some shower of waster cunts inhabiting that spot for 3 days. 6.70 then for a pint, ah lads, you couldn’t be up with it. And all to see the likes of Duran Duran and some cunt called Pete Tong playing records. The biggest thrill of the weekend for some seemed to be s Club fucking 7, and Rachel wasn’t even there. Ah stop. Leave it so.


It’s about the journey, not the destination


Pete Tong :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::frowning:


It’s about living, not existing.


I’d a great time. Haters gonna hate. You couldn’t be buying the booze though.


They’re creaming it in, sell out the tickets a year in advance, and announce whoever you fucking well like. Its peak snowflake. There was a crush at 5ive FFS :smile:


It’s all about letting oul folk in their 30/40/50 s have one weekend a year where they pretend they’re still young and free. That’s why it’s booked out immediately every year. Snowflakes weren’t even born when the pretenders and Duran Duran were big. And they don’t have 800 notes to spend on a yurt for the weekend.




Were the crowd enjoying 5ive and S Club 7 in an ironic / post-ironic (what’s the right term here?) way?


Yes bro. I strolled by during S Club and it was hilarious watching people stampede to get to the front of the stage. My chums and I continued on our merry way to see Birdy who was delightful.


It’s all they know and think there’s nothing like it.


That’s grand so. They were being really cool then.


Super cool.

There seemed to be an awful amount of rappers on at the festival, is urban music a big thing in Ireland of late? This seems to have passed me by. There was a Giggsy fella playing the main stage and he was dreadfully loud and shouting “bitches this” and “nigger that”, it didnt appeal to me at all I must say.

Mary Blacks daughter Roisin O is a lovely young lady, Mary can rightly be very proud of her.


Your chums as you call them sound like they’re as good craic as you are, coming in to snigger from a distance at all the uncool people enjoying the music.