Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Huge money. The lads doing the YouTube walk throughs clean up.


Ive no idea what anything else in the article means but $1.5m prize money for a tournament!!!


Outside of the Asian markets I think the big money is on YouTube and not necessarily the tournaments. The likes of FIFA doesn’t have that much money in it yet but YT is huge. The only way money will increase is through sponsorship or EA themselves putting more money in.


The worrying thing is that you can place bets on these tournaments.

Most bookies have them priced up.


I’d have thought you’d applaud it as an investment opportunity.


Fortnite rocks




Ash trees ???


Some young lad will torch them for a laugh


Hope for what exactly? A day when there will once again be unfettered access to shoddy clothes made by underpaid Bangladeshi children?


Hope that some snowflake gets some attention for herself




I can’t believe @labane1917 actually chooses to live in that Country.


Saw that elsewhere. Can’t be fuckin real. Funny though.
Even funnier if real.


All Braun and no Brains. I’d imagine it’s fake though. Still nothing the yanks do would surprise you




I thought we agreed not to put up pics of TSG?


Thats @Sandymount_Red



Lovely show of support for Louise in the comments. She is beautiful both inside and out as one kind tweeter reminded her. Louise says she isn’t bothered by it anyway. She must have retweeted it accidently!