Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Sure rolls and wraps are as bad if not worse?


Maybe so. I dont know if the aim is for diversity rather than 5 days of white bread or whatever. We could ask them to hollow out the rolls too for an extra cost…


Lettuce wraps are the future





you had your shot, too late now after seeing what way the forum was going to go with this one.


Don’t be so defensive. Is it a list of ingredients for lunch ?

Is it a 1960s English prep school your kids go to


In that case, I’m fully on board.


Ok I get it now

@Gman is working class

Apologies for the confusion


a few lads I went to college with are gone insane on twitter, Instagram and Facebook over President Trump visiting Ireland :rofl: its actually fascinating to watch


I didn’t make the cut for the bun and milk when a kid, thankfully… as we could afford a lunch. I was always top of the list however if there was some left over due to kids being absent. Great days… The bun and milk scheme :smile:


Right wing classist. You should be supporting your poor rural neighbours rather than scoffing at them when you are down at the tennis or yacht club.

Here is some info on it


Ok looks like it’s a great scheme so. Feeding kids white bread 5 days a week is literally child abuse and should be avoided at all costs.


Food is very cheap in Ireland thanks to the benevolence of the Farming community. Any child that goes hungry in the home or is sent off to school without a lunch should be taken off the parents and put into a proper home.


Here the child benefit money is for the bookies, not children.


i think @TheUlteriorMotive might be a problem solver in this situation, if only there was a cheap nutritious alternative to food


soylent green?


We are truly lucky. It’s a pity the same lads would be raping each other in prices for hay bales when the weather is too hot/cold/wet/dry/Tuesday-ey.


Semi-snowflake panel on TV3 tonight. Aodhan is bed-wetting over this visit.



There’s huge money in it. Video gaming will be as well paid if not more so than most sports the way things are going, it’s no weirder than parents getting their kids tennis lessons really.