Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)




I guess the notion of trudging back to the gaff and sprawling yourself on the couch in front of Home & Away and a pack of chocolate Hob-Nobs is considered too third-world for the downtrodden yooot of today.


Chocolate hobnobs? You posh fucking cunt.


I thought people only went to the library for a chat/check out the talent. Sure you’d get nothing done in there.


was sweet valley high and California dreams in my day washed down with koka noodles


Elizabeth and Jessica :heart_eyes:


Twas Tipping Point or The Chase for me.


I takes my biscuits seriously, brah. You won’t find a miserable pack of Aldi Rich Teas at my house.


Countdown for me. Sadly it was before Rachels time


Koka Noodle sandwiches …


Digestives were as far as the budget stretched.


Correct. Some things are sacrosanct


Nice biscuits. How I love them. I darent buy them.
I don’t like hobnobs.


I’m a slightly younger vintage but SVH was a real awakening. :heart_eyes:



They were excellent as Winky and Blinky


Going strong at 41, one for the auld ones thread.

I actually never copped it was her in It’s always Sunny


Lorena Costa in the FMBs.

Jake is surely on meth now.