Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


@glasagusban getting his knickers in a twist over thread titles being edited on tfk and running to the boss man


like all good alt leftists, glas believes in all sorts of freedom, except freedom of speech and hell die to make sure you can only agree with what he says.


Like all good right wingers, @artfoley is accusing me of being an “alt” leftist and limiting people’s freedom of speech.


So that’s not a denial then.


Are you complaining about @glasagusban’s right to freedom of speech in complaining about someone else’s freedom of speech? (Editing thread titles is a bastion of free speech)

I’m gonna need a diagram here.




Excellent. Do carry on.


Bo Peep is a fanny


Now they can have a wank in that pod. I’d nap in it after a feed of porter and stink it out.



I wonder has he tried shoving his thumb up his hole.


Christ. How times have changed. Back when I was in school those jokes were 10 a penny


Even at that mate I’d say it was unlikely that the editor of your local freesheet would have printed it, that’s just weird if it’s true.




that would better in oireland if it was a jewish traveller


All jokes will be banned in the next five years.


You’d want your head examined telling jokes in this day and age.


Good isn’t it?