Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


Is that the way it’s gone now?


I hope they all had a lovely day.


Cherry trees in a Church. For the love of fuck.


She dreamt about it all her life.


It was her day and it should be special .


Fair play to the Padre


Was the ceremony nice?
I don’t know there was a cheery blossom blocking my view


Good to see natural selection is still alive and well


This fella needs to be kicked in the nuts til the end of time


A 5 year old girl was attacked by a transgender person in a female bathroom in US last week.


Fuck fucking sake


Not isolated offences either


That has to be a pisstake.
I was kicked in the nuts every day from age 12 to 17 and it made me the man I am today.


who is to blame for this?


we are starting to get a foothold back in the war with these sniveling little useless cunts.
the baker above in belfast has destroyed the homosexuals and he was fully entitled to request them fuck off to another bakery for their homosexual cake. a man in the US fought the #metoo nonsense and knocked them back on their fucking arses. that was a huge moment and we will look back on that in years to come as the game changer.
yes they won the battle of ‘the transgenders’ a few years back but just as we predicted we are sitting back now watching that one implode.
we are back in the game.


These people are insane though.

Look at this;

It was the same with the Paddy Jackson trial one in Ireland, they don’t care for facts and debate, it is a religious doctrine to them. You had politicians like that sniveling prick O’Riordain undermining the courts for the cult as well.

In the US they currently control Hollywood (always been the bedrock), the tech community (except for the brave Peter Thiel), the mainstream media and now even Wall Street are donating more to liberals. Then there’s George Soros as well.

The media will stop at nothing in their efforts. The recent BBC fly on the wall documentary on the failing New York Times reporting of Trump was very worrying. These young journalists are naive idiots. The Oirish media have always been derivative so are even worse.


All they’ve done is pissed off Kavanaugh and put him into one of the most powerful positions in the land. He’ll have the last laugh over a few of these snowflakes yet


Ariel Dumas has a perfect homophonic name.


Our revenge will be the cancellation of our cake orders


Dear fucking God