Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)



Very progressive and inclusive policy from the Manchester student union. They are to be jazz hands for the initiative.


Jesus fucking wept. Clearly no history students in USI


@Fagan_ODowd 's new knee is holding up well.


He’s a martyr all the same


I don’t know how he does it


Resilience and fortitude. Your generation wouldn’t have a fucking clue what that involves.


Ah we would. Shure half the kids are addicted to fortitude these days.


Dunno know why they need gender neutral toilets when the place is full of cunts


united leading the way where it matters once more. You’d have to admire them all the same.



who will be the first one with a witty little reference to how good @Fagan_ODowd is looking i wonder?


Excellent news for the fans. those prawn sandwiches would run through ya, the trans in the Stretford end be holding a dump all 2nd half.




Joe Duffy devoted his full programme to it today


Fucking idiot wedding planner


A fool and her money are easily parted


He had a point in fairness.


Catholic Church 1 Celtic Tigers 0 .