Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)



If they fuck with this I’m done.



in fairness the raisin and biscuit yorkie has gone to hell since they did away with the ould tinfoil and paper wrapping


That’s why they’re mansize. For wanking.



Meh, that whole ‘not for girls’ thing only arrived in the late 90’s early 00’s, no? I also remember a hape of complaints about that slogan when it came out.
I don’t remember it being on them before that.


it was implied back then


Yeah, and truck drivers were all gentlemen who had nothing but the height of respect for lady drivers in convertible sportscars.

That paper and tinfoil wrapping though :+1:


Lucozade hasn’t been the same since the glass bottle with the orange film was dropped either


Along with FHM and Loaded magazines. Lads here probably still buy them actually.


Both long gone


They all buy Ireland’s Own.


If they can find it under the pile of Sunday independents on their mothers coffee table.


Margaret Cash done for robbing €300 worth of clothes from Penneys.
The snowflakes will be quiet on this one. Niall Boylan was branded a racist for questioning her a few weeks back. Wankers on twitter…




Social media is the devil boys.You’d never ever know any of the cuntbags existed only for FB/Twitter/Instagram and they could only affect 3 or 4 local people with their stupidity.


As Paul Newman said, “the bottom’s loaded with snowflakes . The cream and the bastards rise”



Ooooft, that’ll rattle a few lads here, rattle
Them good and proper. I’d love to see Peter Casey tweet that out


Ah lovely