Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


The guardian upset because asian paedos were identified as well, paedos of asian heritage. More concerned for the perpetrators being labelled than the girls themselves. It’s a disgraceful newspaper warped by it’s own dogma.


I caught a few minutes of some lad on the BBC news early this morning saying they were all basically Pakistani.The fuckin slimy cuntbags.Seamingly it’s rife in that community


70% of Pakistan are inbreed. They fucking nuts.


The Tipperary of the middle East.


Too obvious mate


Someone had to say it.


I’m surprised they even reported the story.


They should send them all home when they finish their prison sentences.


To Bradford?


Surely there is someone white and in power who is responsible for these dirty smelly Pakistani bastards raping all those childeren?
There would be in Oireland anyway I can guarantee you that.




"It’s extraordinary that Sajid Javid set up an inquiry to look at why Asian men were more likely to be in CSE [child sexual exploitation] grooming gangs when his priority all the time should have been why and how victims were vulnerable and where safeguards had failed.”

These fucking snowflake cunts, so looking into why a group was systematically raping kids is extraordinary in their eyes


The findings are that those who knew of the systematic rape of children were either ignored or derided as being racist, as the peelers were afraid of being branded racist by investigating gang child rape.


Err, this is true, unless you have better first hand knowledge of the workings of the Pakistani Muslim community in the North of England?


Political correctness,so great and cuddly. Fucking useless cunts should be fired.




Society is fucked,the lefties are shouting loudest now and getting their way but they’re will be a awful swing to the right shortly, I can see it happening


There’s a Tory government in London a Tory government in Dublin and the US President is Trump. How on earth do you see the lefties getting their way and a swing to the right happening? There isn’t much further right to swing to.


Cunts like you are driving people that way.Ye need to shut the fuck up for a while ,we’re fuckin sick of ye.
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Unfortunately there is. In any case, these days, such governments are interested mainly in governing big business and high finance. They have little interest in the average level of plebeian society which is slowly ceding ground to the equality and h&s taleban, as common sense is gradually muted by the shrieking of pressure groups and the mandatory training flying columns.