Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)



you seem to think that any condemnation of women in any shape or form is misogyny. I think ive show that I’m an equal opportunities abuser and that my abuse is based on the circumstances and not the sex of the person getting abused.

I’m even open to abused gender fluid little shitebags like you


It’s difficult to know where to start with this. I’d say they’re great craic.


Out of curiosity why do you post this in the snowflake thread? What is a snowflake to you? It’s supposed to be about someone of weak fortisude, no?


I’m telling you, and ive an inkling that yerwan works in my dept.

no wonder she had the IUD removed, she was putting her eggs in her curry :smiley:


Her and the boyfriend sound like a barrel of laughs. I bet they have competitions to see who spends the least amount in a week?


You consistently use gender specific abuse about women. You consistently fire insults relating to periods and knickers, and use gender abusive terms such as cunt and bitch.

Your fear and antipathy towards women shine through. Its pathetic.


ive also called you a cunt and a bitch. ive called several “lads” on this forum a cunt as well.

you’ve some neck acting the cunt here after the way you nearly drove poor @AppleCrumbled to the depths of depression with your abuse. some fucking neck, bitch


Laughing at a young person earning half the average wage living in Dublin. From a person earning three times as much. Real classy.


It was her choice.


You get fierce ratty when you’re called out. The spelling mistakes will be coming thick and fast now shortly.


We all have our fun on here but it’s never nessacary to play the man particularly for no apparent reason.


when I was here age I was earning a lot less than that, not having the comfort of living at home and I was still living not existing.

you wouldn’t know class if it hit you with a whiteboard duster.


So it’s ok to laugh at her?


unlike yourself; thick and slow




So because you used to earn less and you earn much more now it makes it ok to laugh at her?

Again, classy.


its hitting a bit near for glas, it must be like every night in the glas household.


Ok. Your values are shit.


Eggs in the left over curry doesn’t sound to appetising.


People who live in glas houses shouldn’t throw stones :grinning: