Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


excellent. :slight_smile:


way to utterly and deliberately miss what I was saying. but then again its par for the course when you’ve sand in you vag


I didn’t miss anything. You used earn less and now you earn more so you think it’s ok to laugh at a person earning half the average wage.

No surprise that it’s a young female you’re having a pop off as well. At least you’re consistent there.


you clearly missed the point as per usual to try and get up on your outraged high horse.

you really are a chore of a “man”. I really hope youre nowhere near the social policy side of things and are stuck somewhere like DEASP or PAS where you cant do much harm


It’s the tfk way pal




and yet, youre the only one who’s bleating. go figure!


fine set of hips on the blond eone


No my point has been quite clear.

The misogynist hopes I’m not in a policy role. The irony.


must be sickener then for you to learn that I’m currently drafting legislation with a huge focus on human rights


Not really. Drafting legislation sounds painful. I hope your drafting is more accurate than your spelling.


the RIA will be the painful bit, but not as painful as your woke evangelism.


Wouldn’t say no to the red headed one.


You’re turning out to be as needy as @flattythehurdler


woah, woah, woah!


“No” means “no”


But but she is in her underwear. :slight_smile:


I know a tramp when I see one. And that wan is a tramp. Pounding the pavements in cheap underwear. The tide wouldn’t take her out.


My God Art, have you no shame?